Friday, December 9, 2011

Reindeer Games

 Today was one of those days where the outfit looked better on paper and in my mind than in reality!

The inspiration was very new from the most recent December (2011) issue of Lucky  magazine:
I actually 2 other outfits on this page that I will re-create...
 I like the top portion of the outfit. Allowed me to use this super old floral thermal top I have owned for years. It is so soft and comfy. I have always worn it with seats and leggings as lounge wear so it was nice to wear it dressy.
 And getting wear my new shearling bomber vest! Such good quality all around. It even feels like real leather and the fit is great. 
I added the earrings I got a few thread shows back. They are made out of recycled old records!
 These are also new. Since the pair I wanted from piperlime had sold out I decided to go the cheaper route to obtain what I call a 'heeled hiker' boot. I am just not sure about my Dennison to add teal socks. I really wanted a chunky sock look but didn't have any pair of socks that worked with that!
 I had truly adored the polka dot cream tights from JCrew last year. So this year I got these as a gift from sister from Romwe. They are not exactly polka dots but pretty close.

Vest, Boots, skirt, ankle socks - Forever 21
Thermal Top - Free People
Hose - Romwe
Earrings - Thread Show

Had a fun day. At preschool a group of mommies were assigned to assemble the gingerbread houses. The kids will get to decorate these next wednesday in class. We were constantly surrounded by little pairs of eyes who were quitely begging for graham cracker scraps and frosting!
In the afternoon went to my Dad's house to decorate his tree. The kids got a hold of this old tinsel decoration and created a big mess but they sure had fun jumping on my dad's bed and singing from the top of their lungs with their uncle and auntie!

 They sure are not perfect but the kids won't care, especially when they get to cover it with more frosting and candy!

And here are some fun photos from tonight at my Dad's House:

This is an ornament I made from cross stitch back in 1993!

My kids have stockings in both my mom and my dad's house!

Then the jumping and singing on the bed activity begins!

My crazy children!

My daughter with my SIL. She could be hers!

My cutie pie Nephew!

The tree is done!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whistle me a tune

 Going cozy and casual today. Now that I plan my outfits for the whole week it has been so nice. From trial and error I now try to match  not only the weather forecast but also the activities we are going to be doing. Knowing today would be lounging around and then going to the dentist I wanted something that was comfy that would not cause me to want to change into sweats after a few hours. And this was perfect.

The inspiration came from 
October 2011 issue of People Style Watch 
(one of my favorite magazines for inspirations).
I liked the first photo where the concept of pairing skinny jeans or leggings with thigh high boots and a cozy pancho!
 This pancho is another one of those super old items that I just knew would come back in style and did not give it away but kept it in the kids' closets. Since last winter I have been able to wear it a few times.

 This is the beret I bought when the previous one turned out to be funkier than I envisioned. Love this oatmeal color. At 2 for $10 from F21 it was tempting to get one in every color!

Pancho - Max Studio (TJ Maxx I am sure)
Striped t-neck worn under - Forever 21
Denim leggings - Elle (Kohl's)
Flat OTK suede boots - Steve Madden
Beret - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Channel

I woke up early actually for our off day since my in-laws were here and used that time to prep the crock pot dinner put away laundry and get everyone including myself ready. When they left for breakfast we left shortly after for the indoor play area. I finally finished my calendar projects and ordered them on snapfish. After a very argumentative call with Pottery Barn over my recent loveseat order for my daughter's room we made it home in time for naps. I went to the dentist for a filling appointment while my parents babysat.
Late afternoon my friend came over with her boys and we cooked a joint effort dinner.
Afterwards we dressed her for her husband's 20s theme Christmas party tomorrow night. 
We went for the suit with a fur collar and a hat look. My red hat was perfect for a holiday party. Added satin animal print gloves and pearl accessories and lace up booties. I even had 3 different kinds of purses to choose from. Amazing what can come out of my closet.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ice Cube Cluster

 This was today's outfit idea originally. I chose this outfit because it is using the necklace I barrowed from my mom and needed to wear it so I can give it back. 

The inspiration was from the September 2011 issue of the Lucky magazine:
However when I put it on and tried a few different pairs of shoes only the ones with no socks looked right and it was way too cold for me to go without socks or with these pointy toe slipper shoes. And honestly no other shoe looked right. So in frustration I had to ditch the pants all together and went with my lavender skinny jeans instead and wore them with knee high grey flat boots. The look wasn't perfect but it wasn't bad. At this point we were already too late for me to do photos again.

 Don't you love this necklace? My daughter called it 'ice necklace' and she is right. I truly love it. I am on the look out for something similar to own it for my own.

Sweater - Forever 21
Blouse - La Redoute Catalog
Pants - Victoria's Secret (Thrifted)
Shoes - can't remember now...
Necklace - Mom's 
Ring - gift

Went to preschool and had lunch at home. My in-laws came over for a very shot visit but I took advantage and did a bit more xmas shopping (mostly gift bags and wrap etc..) and grocery shopping.
We had a nice dinner at home with them.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

 Today's outfit was inspired by a photo that has been in my folder for quite some time. October 2010 to be exact! From In Style Magazine:
I loved the 3 layered top and another opportunity to wear my super old green cargo pants!

I layered the denim shirt with the very old tweed vest and khaki jacket on top!

Everything I am wearing is very old except for the hat. This was a new purchase from TJ Maxx a few months ago!

These pants are at least over 15 years old. I actually gave them up and my mom took them. They were extreme low riders and very tight and just not wearable. When I went back to my college size I took them back but the super low rise problem was still there. In Turkey got belt loops made so I can wear a belt to hold the pants in place and now I wear them sooo much! Good thing cause they were purchased full price back in the day!

 The boots look so rugged and old but they actually looked like this when purchased!

Khaki Jacket - Gap (Thrifted)
Vest - Banana Republic (Thrifted)
Denim Shirt - from Turkey
Pants - Bebe
Belt - Limited
Boots - Steve Madden
Hat - Jessica Simpson (TJ Maxx)

My husband surprised me last night by giving me my Christmas gift early! He got me the fully loaded with the latest PZD technology camera lens that goes from 18mm to 270mm!!! I took it to the outdoor class this morning to try it out!
 People said with my outfit today and the camera I looked I was ready for some Safari!

And got some great photos of the kids in the park:

And I couldn't resist sharing this one! My husband took this in the morning to try out the lens himself. Priceless!