Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Frown in Ruffles

Have a lot of photos to post today from last night so going to keep the writing short! 
This was my outfit this afternoon going to a friend's house for a BBQ!
 Got this lace ruffle shrug from a clearance rack of Charlotte Russe last year for $5!
Added the chain belt! I think this was my mom's as well.

The shoes make the outfit of course. At least I think so!

This purse is total luxury. But the padlock is just ridiculously heavy so I took it out a while back. I think it still looks very cool and weighs a lot less...

This is where I am asking my son why he is screaming all of a sudden!

I don't know why I am frowning in all the photos. I am wearing sunglasses and all!
Jumper - Guess
Ruffle Shrug - Charlotte Russe
Belt - not sure
Shoes - Aldo
Purse - Chloe

We had friends over this morning for a nice swim playdate in the pool and lunch. After naps went to another friend's house for a BBQ. Kids enjoyed spending time with friends and so did we.

Here are the photos from the Mary Kay Party I hosted last night...

I got my appetizer ideas from this book:

The photo in the book:

The sun dried tomato and the mozzarella skewers worked out great. 

But for some reason creating Mellon balls were not as easy as I thought they would be. It was my first time using the tool. I actually bought it at the grocery store. As you can see my balls are more large spirals!
 Did you also know that prosciutto is like saran wrap? The minute it bunches up it is ruined and unworkable!

So the end result is not as glamorous as the book...But tasted good.

The presentation was good though at least I think so!

This one had a recipe to make tapenade from scratch...

But, then I found this jar at Costco and it was perfect and simpler. And probably cheaper!

Baked the baguette slices brushed with olive oil...

And Voila!

This wonderful and very involved drink did not have a name but I cut it out from a magazine very long time ago and never made it before. 
 I always think having a well stocked bar at a party is not enough. A lot of people are not drinkers and they don't know what to drink. But if you have a well made cocktail, the answer is always 'yes'. And so much more fun and interesting than wine. Don't get me wrong we love wine for a nice dinner party but for other parties or happy hour I prefer cocktails.
I made two pitchers knowing it would be popular but that even was not enough!
Each pitcher took two sliced lemons and 2 sliced cucumbers and a cup of mint. Plus sugar, vodka and fresh lemon juice.  I used granulated splenda instead of sugar cause I find it not only makes the drink diet but also dissolves perfectly in cold liquids without leaving any residue. A friend who hates splenda couldn't even tell the difference till I told her after 2 glasses!

Used my juicer to get the lemon juice. You would be amazed how many lemons it takes to get 4 cups of lemon juice. Had to send out my husband out to the store to get more in the middle of this process!

You add soda water to the pitcher right before serving. And you serve so only the liquid pours out but in the glass you garnish with freshly cut orange and lemon slices and mint. And lots of ice of course.

My drink glasses were more bar motif so I used my dinner party goblets instead. 

Saw this photo on top of the drink page but the recipe for the dip was not cut out.

So served steamed green beans with Greek tazhiki sauce for a healthy treat.

I also made brownies and chocolate chip cookies and stacked them like blocks in these square plates. 
And fresh grapes.
So here is the final table.
 Obviously took the photo a bit later after we started eating!

Here is my beautiful little sister looking super cool and dressed in a blog worthy outfit!
 I love how she paired 3 layered spiked necklace with the tartan plaid bustier dress. Plus the strappy shoes were perfect!

And here we are with the woman who gave us life and love of fashion: The original Fashion Diva!

And finally the Mary Kay party started! The Mary Kay lady is a close friend of my Mother who we love.

She set up the table so she could lead all of us through a night time facial and then a 'dash out the door' look which is perfect for me!

Here is the group!

And after our looks!

Trying to give a bloggy pose without laughing but not all of us can hold it in!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Blue and Blue and Fall Trends

YEAY, I am back! It feels good to be wearing clothes other than sweats. I go nuts when I stay home and not wear real outfits. Today I picked an outfit inspired by this photo I had saved a while back. It is titled 'Pantone Regatta' which I assume is a brand, but I have never heard of it. I also did not note whose blog post featured this so if you recognize it please let me know so I can give you credit.

 I like the combination of blue toned animal print top with blue leather pants. Of course I don't have blue leather pants but my blue cotton pants helps me create a similar look. By the way these are the pants that I thought I lost. I found them deep in my son's closet when I was organizing both the kids' closets during our potty prison days!

I have no idea where this top came from. It was in my closet. I assume it is from my mom or sister but I can't remember. This is the first time I am wearing it.
 I could have gone black but thought adding another blue tone would be cool so here are the navy patent peep toes... For the day time I simply substituted navy flats. But will be putting these back on tonight for my house party.

 I applied the Brazilian blow out at home treatment last time. Instead of $300 in a salon you can do it for $30 at home and it comes with a month supply of shampoo and conditioner. But it only lasts a month not 3 months but who cares. The thing is you have to leave the treatment in for 48 hours. So my hair feels a bit oily and sticky but at least it is super straight!
 Covering the cold sore with a dab of lipstick today.

Top - no idea
Pants - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Steven by Steve Madden

Went to our first session of the reading clinic today. This is a free clinic we are participating in where I teach my son how to read based on a phoenics system from a book. Every week we'll be going to the clinic so the teachers can see how he is progressing and help me with my questions/problems. Plus my son gets a dollar toy which is a huge incentive. He did pretty good with the teacher. It was also our first day out with my daughter since the 3 day potty bootcamp at home. She didn't have any accidents but I had this portable potty evyerwhere and was paranoid.

Since we got done at 11 and I had already packed lunch and my friend had other plans I decided to take the kids  somewhere fun for couple hours before naps. Decided to go to the little area next to the zoo where they have a merry go around and a cute train. And coincidentally we ran into another mommy from our playgroup and hung out with them and had a picnic lunch etc...

Tonight I am hosting a Mary Kay party at home after the kids go to bed. I planned some fun apps and cocktails which I will photograph and post later tomorrow.

NOW to the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday topic
hosted by Katy at Modly Chic:
Fall 2011 Trends!
I had different items on my list but thought I would go with the least mentioned ones to make it interesting...
I also have been cutting out magazine pages that portray some fall trends so I just simply photographed those in the absence of time...
1. Spiked Heels:
I would love to own a pair like these in emerald green which is my next trend...

2. Emerald Green:
I so want a green coat!

3. High Heeled Loafers:
This was a trend when I was graduating college. I remember cause I owned a pair of brown and black ones. But the heels were thick. I am lusting over a kind with thin heels but a hiking boot like sole in a patent leather!
4. Purses with Scarves:
This also was a trend a while back and I love it. Great way to use all my old and beautiful silk scarves again. Not very practical for the daytime though where I place my bags on the playground floors on stuffing them under a stroller basket. But for adult outings it would be perfect.

5.  Jewel Tone Colors:
Sorry this looks like child art (had my son help). But these are some of my favorite jewel tones to try out this fall: Emerald Green, Electric Blue, Bright Orange and Magenta (coral was more of a spring color).

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