Saturday, February 19, 2011

Granny Grunge

I finally got to wear this outfit. I had this inspiration back in August when I was browsing the magazines back in Turkey. I think it is from Elle Sept or Elle August 2010 issue.

When I saw this I remembered this dress I had stored in my son's closet. This dress is at least 13 years old  I kid you not. I just knew it wwould be worn again and even though it is a cheap one I kept it. With this spring's floral trend I am sure to wear it in warm weather as well.

This purple velvelt jacket just goes so nicely with the dress. Sometimes it just all comes together. (unlike the times where things just don't work). Anyway this jacket is also super old, at least 5-8 years. It was in Forever 21's clearance section and it was a size large but I fell in love and tried it on and realized it does look OK and bought it. I still remember that day, I was with my mom and another relative that was visiting. May be my stepdad's mother. So weird some clothes I have very vivid memories of when I purchased them or when I wore them.

I am just so amazed that this $4.80 owl charm necklace looks so good with so many outfits. Totally brings a vintage and cutesy charm to the ensemble. The colors are always perfect. And I bought this online not realizing it was bigger than I thought. Love it though.

I really neet to get  a better pair of black tights. These are so not as opaque as I would like.
Also see the 'chanel' like resin ring I added...

Floral Dress - Eye Candy
Purple Jacket & black beret & owl necklace - Forever 21
Black LS top - Gap
Black suede boots - Steve Madden

Friday's Activities: Knowing it will rain in the afternoon but clear in the morning took the kids to sea world and met my friend there. We didn't do much, saw the polar bears, walrus, penguins then went the seasame st. play area. Then she had to leave with her younger one to the Dr's and I took her older son and my 2 to the dolphin show where at the same time I fed them lunch. Amazing how once you are comfortable with two kids handling 3 is not that bad. Brought them to my house (we had already moved her car seat to mine). My two napped but hers likes to just play which was fine.
When they woke up they had a playdate while we hung out. I left as soon as my husband came and met my best friend at the mall. We had dinner then shopped (in rain). Bought the most amazing purple faux fur jacket at Forever 21 on clearance for $14!!! It is super nice quality fur too. From the twelve by twelve collection. Can't wait to wear that one. We then went to a 10:30 pm showing of King's Speech. Good movie, definitely oscar worthy.

Kids posing with me again:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice Cream Social

Somewhat of a menswear outfit today. The inspiration came form the instyle magazine from a few months back:

I first tried this with my Banana Republic tweed vest but it was too high in the neck and you couldn't see the plaid shirt at all. So went with this crop tan vest instead. I am not hating the outfit but not super crazy about it either...

I love this orange cardi but dying to find a crimson/cinnamon color  for the new season.

These Booties are actually not super high and I was able to wear them in the afternoon to kids' music class. In the morning to the swimming class though I wore the shorter heeled military boots instead. I forgot to take photos with this canvas shoulder purse which went really nicely with the outfit. Got this for summer from H&M.

Orange Cardi - Gap
Crop Vest - Target
Plaid Shirt - Forever 21
Cargo Pants - J Crew
Peep toe booties - Juicy Couture

Another outfit today, this one is my mom's. She said she was inspired by my outfit yesterday. She just got this white skirt from a thrift store for the summer but when she saw me pair it with a chunky winter sweater created this ensemble. Looks so cute...

Today's Activities: We hung out at home then my mom came to go to the swim class with us. That 30 minutes of pool tired them all out. We came home for lunch and naps. Tried a new Rachel Ray recipee for dinner while they napped. Once again took almost the entire nap time to cook.  Went to music class in the afternoon. Then with my friends bought the kids frozen yogurd (they see it as ice cream) and had them eat that inside a nearby starbucks. Amazing how with ice cream they can all sit quietly around the table. My sister came over to hang out with us and have dinner. The recipee did turn out good but not sure if it was worth all the effort and my son did not like it.

Here are all our kids enjoying ice cream after music class:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter White

After weather in 70s we are down to 60s and rain so taking immediate advantage of this situation and wearing a heavy 'winter' item from my list. My inspiration came from the following chictopia post:

When I saw this, I loved mixing white with camel and of course use of fur. The only think I was missing was the white hat so bought one at Forever 21 for $6.

This chunky t-neck is super old but rarely gets worn because it is so heavy and in Southern CA there is rarely a day where the weather will stay consitantly at a cold temprature to handle this top. Today was one of those days where I could pull it off.  

I am just so amazed that this faux fur collar which came attached to a shrug a long time ago is coming so handy this year. I tied a bit looser and secured it with a vintage looking pin.  At some point during the past 10+ years broches were in fashion. I wore them over twinset cardigans for that retro look. I have collected 5 really cool ones so that is how I pull these off with no additional purchases.

I even copied her black gloves and cuffs. Mine have a touch of gold sparkle to them. These fingerless gloves are actually practical enough to keep on even indoors. But when it came time to wash the kids hands I had to take them off. There is a limit I guess. :)

The 'skirt' is not really a skirt of course. It is the same white maxi summer tank dress I bought and wore so many times past summer. Bought it from a street vendor for under $30. 

It is made out of so much fabric and is lined. My daughter pulled at my skirt and asked 'princess?' as she is very into princess clothes and thinks every full skirt is one. :)

I loved the idea of mustard tights undernath. Not that they show unless you pull up the skirt but as I sat on the floor and got up about a hundred times at the preschool with the kids they definitely showed.

This was one of those outfits that I really liked.

Skirt - white maxi tank dress - from Turkey
Sweater - super old how knows where I got it...
Fur Scarf - came with a shrug from Victoria's Secret
Broch - again not sure from where...
Gloves - gift from mom
Cuff bracelet - Charlotte Russe
Watch - Michael Kors
Boots - Steve Madden
Beret - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Well we took the product of our crazy baking night cupcakes to school this morning. I also took a tub of frosting and sprinkles so each kid can frost and decorate their own cupcake. At the end of the class the four kids that had b-days in February stood up front while everyone sang them happy birthday and made pretend cake and blew out pretend candles which were fingers of their siblings. Very cute. My daughter loved the attention. After naps we went to the indoor play place which was crazy packed since it was rainning. That is thing with San Diego, everything is outdoors here. 95% of our central malls are outdoor malls, all the parks (sea world, zoo, wild animal park, legoland etc...) are outdoors. So when it rains there is very few places to go with kids and hence every single indoor play place gets crazy packed.
We came home and for a change my husband was already at home and he loves to cook taco's so we had taco dinner. Kids loved making their own tacos and crunching them down.

These photos are really low quality cause the lighting in the classroom sucks for photos it seems...

But here is my daughter with her 'bday sticker'...

My son is trying to hold 'two' fingers up for her to blow...

The 3 b-day kids and my son is the first to wish them all a happy birthday... 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mommy Outfit

This outfit was in my list minus the scarf and  had skinny jeans but decided these flared ones would look cooler and now that they are making a come back why not give the old pair a welcome. So I put up every scarf I own and nothing looked great except this unexpected bubble gum pink one which I got for under $2 at a bazaar in Turkey. I think it looks cool and gives it a splash of upcoming spring...

The Jacket is F21 but I got it from a thrift store, so even less than their great prices. I like its style and the 3/4 sleeves lets the top under show trhough.

I picked this outfit cause when the weather gets hot wanted to have a thin and comfy top underneath and with the scarf it would still look interesting. Except it remained cool the whole time we were at the park so I kept the jacket on.

I couldn't resist matching the watch to the scarf. My mom got this watch as a 'gift with purchase' from an accessory store. I saw it in her watch box (yes, she has a watch box) and commented and she being how she is immediately said I could take it. I will wear this more in summer too I am sure.

Posing with my son... 

Long Sleeve cotton top - Newport News Catalog
Jacket - Thrifted Forever 21
Jeans - Citizens
Boots - Steve Madden
Scarf - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Went to the outdoor preschool class. San Diego weather is so odd, it has been spring/summer like weather for days and of course today was back to fall/winter chills. I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Anyway for a brief moment the sun came out it was super warm the minute it went away it was chilly. Kids had a great as always regardless. I keep 3 different layers for them in the car for the ever changing weather: A comfy cardigan, a thin windbreaker/rain jacket and a thick winter coat. I also have to keep winter and summer hats and sunglasses for them and always a small bottle of sunblock cause the minute it is sunny they need it here. Not that I am complainning. They napped hard... We did a make-up music class for the one we missed on my daughter's b-day. Then went grocery shopping. Once again I underestimated how long it takes to unload and put away the groceries that have been purchased so it was full stress before dinner. After dinner the entire family helped to make cupcakes for tomorrow's preschool b-day celebration. More becaues my son wanted to watch and help and my daughter goes in a total mommy attachment phase right after dinner so she had to be involved and I needed my husband to supervise them so I didn't mess up. I am not a baker or a good cook so hope these come out good. I will give the link to the recipee if they do cause they are interesting. Choclate cupcakes with zucchini and carrots to make them healthy. My husband was not excited about those ingredients. He also questioned about 10 times why we weren't just buying ready made ones. I was wondering the same thing after an hour of cooking followed by an hour of cleanning!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Mixes

So, remember back when I mentioned I had put together a crazy combo of mixing patterns and using tigh high socks and my husband had called it the 'clown combo' without seeing it? Well months later I am finally wearing that outfit!

Somehow it had looked cooler that night for some reason. I mean I don't hate it now but not head over heels about it either.

I liked layering a pink cardigan over the burgandy floral blouse top of plaid shorts! Mixing patterns and colors.

These tigh high socks were a TJ Max find. Their color is hard to identify, kind of brown or dark taupe, they were some sort of brand name but can't remember the brand.
I have always liked this bronze bead necklace with a stain brown bow. You can either wear it with the bow showing or in the back. For this outfit I put the bown in front to compliment the socks.

Here are my precious Chanel heels...

These duks photos are not as bad as I thought they would be. Some of my full sunshine photos come worse actually.  

Floral Blouse - Tucker for Target
Pink wrap around cardi - sister's hand me down (don't recognize the brand)
Shorts & necklace - Forever 21
Tigh high socks - TJ Maxx
Heels - Chanel

Today's Activities: Crazy day at preschool with valentine treat bags, cookies and I had a Dr appt so my mom had to come over in the middle and take over. Felt bad but didn't want the kids to miss out. I came home right when they went down for naps and tried to make all my phone calls, bill payment. Went to the indoor play area so I can finish up my stuff. Then came home in a frenzy to get ready and cook dinner. We were supposed to have my dad babysit (which was a last minute offer) so we didn't have any good rez but thought we can go to a place like CPK and a movie. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication my dad waited for confirmation which I never got the message of so by the time he was 45 minutes and we decided to call him it was quiete late. He is still coming and we'll see what we can do. Still happy to be spending the valentine's with my hubby. Just as soon as we leave the house it will feel special. Right now a bit chaotic.