Kika Paprika

Fresh, fun, eco-friendly clothing for 
Every woman...Every age...Every day!

KikaPaprika is available exclusively through Independent Fashion Consultants like myself.
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kikaPaprika did not begin as a clothing company. First and foremost, kikaPaprika began as an idea for a company that would empower women to use their gifts and talents for financial freedom and personal success.

While forging a highly successful career in direct sales over nearly two decades, kikaPaprika founder Kim Shaw was ready for a new challenge. Her business concept, 
"Soft, comfortable clothing, that is stylish and unique." 
And kikaPaprika was born.

The Name:
Ki- Kim (representing women and family)
Ka- Earth (shortened version of Kai)
Paprika- This is not just a spice you sprinkle on deviled eggs ladies! It also means "Lively woman"!
kikaPaprika encompasses all that Kim envisions for the future success of women who are dedicated to "dressing a better world."
KikaPaprika is proud to be a socially responsible company that is committed to lightening our environmental footprint and making a difference in the world:
  • An eco-friendly company dedicated to using organic fabrics and dyes whenever possible.
  • Believe in ethical trade and fair treatment of everyone involved with production and distribution of our clothing.
  • Use recycled boxes for shipping, recycled plastics for our bags, biodegradable plantable seed paper for our clothing tags, and recycled paper for our printed materials whenever possible – every little bit helps.
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