Friday, April 19, 2013

Casual Vacancy

 Last night's outfit to book club meeting!

Inspired by last year's (Fall 2012) BCBG Catalog:
 I love this sheath dress because it is so basic but not tight. Light and neutral but not white. And below you will see the back detail too.... The only thing I wished was that it was a tad longer...

 This Belt I have on has braided fur in the back and sides! 

Here is the pretty back detail of the dress. It is so geniusly placed to cover your bra strap!
 I spent $30 and got these boots heels and toes fixed and polished and well worth given that they are Escada! Tightest fitting boots I have ever found....

Jacket - 
Dress - 
Belt - from Turkey
Earrings - from a Thread Show
Boots - Escada
Purse - Chloe

Had a great night with my book club friends discussing last month's book 'Casual Vacancy' by J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter books)...
The discussion went on till late hours of the night as we went off tangent with each topic but a great opportunity to share our different upbringing and how it has shaped our beliefs and what kind of parents we want to be for our kids. Overall the book I would say got a negative review from us but good discussion producer.
Our next book is going to be Jane Austen's 'Emma' from 1815!

Oh and my friend made this amazing edible flower pot cake! It was delicious....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Demanding Spring

 Even though the weather refuses to warm up I decided to bring spring regardless with this floral combo... Inspiration Blomingdale's catalog:

 I had to wash my  hair after last night's pscyho plyometrics (jump training) workout so instead of styling it straight went with a slight curve here and there....

 I don't what it is about these sandals from J Crew but when I put them on my feet are not cold somehow! May be cause they are suede leather inside too. Weird...

Jacket, blouse, pants - Forever 21
Necklace - Etsy
Sandals - J Crew

Quiet day at the pre-school today with everyone commenting on my new hair. Afterwards we stopped at Target to finish birthday shopping for this weekend's parties. Then stopped at home just to pick-up/clean-up picked up my son and came home again for a short while than it was swim class and gyro's for dinner which is on our way home from swim school.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 Well, here it is.... I was too lazy to post yesterday's outfit so I am going to do that at the end of this post but figured you would want to see my new hair cut and color from last night first!!!!

The inspiration by the way for the outfit was from the recent Bloomingdale's catalog:

 Well it was a lot of firsts last night.... I have never had my hair cut this short. I have actually only cut my hair once in my life to shoulder length my senior year in high school besides that it has always been medium to long length. Even though I have been blonde before it was always via highlights and I had never bleached it. This was achieved by first bleaching my whole head!. I have also never thinned my hair where as this hair cut required it. Before the thinning it was amazing how 'momsy' and classic and boring it looked...
I am going to enjoy this length for the summer I think. We'll have to see how I do with the styling... I washed it for the first time tonight after our workout and I can already see there will be a lot of different styles I can do with it from curly to wavy to straight.... :)

 Even my hair dresser was in aw of my bravery and guts with going so short! 


 THe long hair is now gone!

Trench - Guess
Top, Blouse, Jeans - Forever 21
Purse - Coach
Boots - Steve Madden

We had a fun (and cold day) at Sea World with our class field trip and my dad joined us too.
The girls were just in heaven hanging together. We ditched the stroller so we can get them to walk which they did fine but my goodness getting from point A to point B was like herding a very crazy and chaotic group.  It was nice cause my Dad got to see what a crazy group of mom's we are and also how much we operate as a group supporting and helping each other every step of the way without actually having to ask or tell each other what to do. It is pretty amazing.
The moms I think were more exhausted than the kids by the afternoon!

 My son didn't come with us as he had school but we took the photo before he left for school....

 In the parking lot. You can feel how cold it was....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Rookie

 Today's outfit was inspired by the recent Nordstorom's Catalog:

I do love this kika tweed jacket in the mint color but wanted to show how cute the peach color can also be in this simple but chic combo....

 I am going in for a major hair change once again this Monday. Hey,  I gave normal hair a try for couple of months and it is just not me. This medium length and simple color feel to blend. So i am going shorter this time since I went super long with extensions before and going to try a different shades lighter/blonder too.... It has been also hard to keep my hair nicely groomed as we work out every night and I only wash it every other night. I use dry shampoo and go with this half wavey style instead of polished...

Jacket - 'Carly' in peony tweed by kikaPaprika
Tank - 'Lil' in white by kika Paprika
Jeans - H&M
Necklace & Purse - Shoedazzle
Ballet flats - Kate Spade

Took the kids to their first acting class this morning. They were excited and definitely not shy about being dropped off and my hubby and I had an hour to chat and have our morning coffee.
Then it was off to my son's baseball game. The weather never warmed up and we were freezing on the bleachers.  Afterwards we had lunch then went home to drop off the kids with daddy and grandpa and my mom and I met my sister at the mall and spent the next 4 hours shopping for a grey vest/pant suit combo for my son to wear at my sister's wedding. It was the most frustrating and un-fun shopping trip ever. For some reason every single store had what we were looking for in colors of navy, tan or black but NOT gray. When we found one it was either too cheap or the sizes started at size 8 while my son wears 6. It was super frustrating. We might just buy online and hope it is good quality. At least we did get his blue converses he will be wearing and in the process got him some cute clothes. :)
Dinner at home was nice as the guys had BBQ'd and we played the dinner game again this time with my mom and stepdad and it was so much fun. The kids really get into it and we spend at least 10 minutes having a nice group conversation which has rarely occurred.