Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bazaar Dress

Bought this dress at a bazaar today and got ready super fast after the beach so instead of looking at my list for an outfit combo decided to wear the new dress instead. I could have worn the new red necklace but opted for these earings instead. The dress already has some embelishment on the neckline so a neclace might have been too much anyway. The earings are from a street vendor that sells handmade jewelry. Liked its colors and crochet additions. Thought these rose gold colored flip flops go pretty nicely with the dress.

Navy sun dress - from Turkish bazaar (Alacati pazari)
Rose gold flip flops with silk rose detail - BCBGirls (TJ Maxx)
Handmade earings - from Turkish vendor (Sevgi yolu)

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the morning to the close beach. After shouting matches and crying finally convinced my son to wear swim shoes so he can walk over the rocks without hurting his feet. Came home and did a quick hose shower on the lawn and had lunch. Left the kids while they were napping with the girl and went to the famous bazaar that is on every saturday. Did not really have time to browse the clothes area as we had to buy bunch of groceries but did manage to get the dress above. My cousin was already at our house when we came back. Quickly grabbed or beach gear (was already wearing swim suit anyway) and went to the beach with her and her husband and his parents. Kids had a blast swimming with their arm floaties with my cousin. Afterwards came home for a quick shower and change and drove to their parent's house for dinner. Photos were taken in their yard. They had huge peach, apricot and pear trees. Kids had a blast picking their own fresh fruit and eating it. Yummy...

At the beach with my cousin Sedef. In Turkey they sell fresh corn at the beach and park during summer months. Kids love it.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I am back! After a few days of getting settled at the summer house finally ready to dress up and access internet. Actually I also wore an outfit and had connection yesterday but it was too hectic for photos so didn't post. The weather is too warm for a jacket but I wanted to wear this outfit before it got even hotter. Plus here we only wear normal clothes late afternoon. During the day it is swim suit and beach cover up. I plan to do a photos of my swim suit and beach cover ups ensembles one day but since it will be a little weird to shoot with them on I might just lay them on the floor. Anyway like this combination because it is mostly white with a touch of black and then punch of hot pink. The rolled up shorts, madonna tank and the ankle cuff sandals makes it a bit rugged and rough instead of cutesy. Got the idea of wearing multi bangles on both wrists from another blogger (fashionista talk). Got this combination (hot pink and black) for one of my swim suits but it also went good with this outfit. The big black rose plastic ring also goes great.

These are all taken in the front yard of my mom's summer house...

Modonna tank top - H&M
Hot Pink striped jacket - BCBG
White Shorts - Target
Ankle cuff black sandals - Boutique 9
Pink and black bangles - from Turkey
Black rose ring - CLOSET
Chunky multi chain necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: After a sleepless night with my daughter was woken up by my son at 6:30 AM. Walked with him to buy fresh bread from the local market. Ate breakfast together. After my daughter was fed took them both to the beach by myself. It was great. Spent time playing on the sand than managed to swim a little with both. The beach we go is walking distance and it is a bay so the water is super shallow for like a mile. Perfect for kids. Adults have to be pretty much sitting or laying down to get wet in the water but great area to go with the kids. Even met couple other mommies and their kids had a beach playdate. After showers (hose in the garden for quickness) and lunch both kids and myself napped. In the afternoon after snack took them to the beach again. Hence no reason to wear anything else. Went to a different beach (short drive) with my mom and the nanny (who I do not like but she is paid for 2 weeks). After a short swim came home for hot showers and dinner. Right after dinner left for downtown area of the summer town we are staying. It is very touristy and fun there. We have a tiny car so the double stroller does not fit with car seat so had to take a single umberella stroller and since my son was on foot we walked a little then came back. But it was a nice change of pace and a good spot for ice cream. See photo below...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pier Adventure

This outfit was an effort to put together. I knew I wanted to wear these jeans today. They are super thin and baggy which is perfect for this hot weather here. They go best with super tight tank or strapless tops. I did not have any tops in my luggage that went great so wore this white tank top. It wsa too boring. I then found this sily old crop vest in my mom's closet. It added a bit of interest to it. Then I decided I wanted to wear that cute lavendar doll necklace I got couple weeks ago. Something was still missing, tried about 5 belts and decided on the purple scarf tied like a belt instead. Not super practical when going to the bathroom but I managed. Then there was the shoe dilemma. It had to be something flat and comfy due to my activities today and nothing looked great so at the end converses were the winners. Went simple with other jewelry and chose the white/nickel ring and silver watch.  See 'Today's Activities' for locale info...

Baggy thin Jeans - LC Waikiki in Turkey
White ribbed tank top - Target
Silk crop vest - mom's
purple scarf (tied as a belt) - Gap
Doll necklace - from Turkey
white/nickel ring - swatch
Shoes - converse

Today's Activities: Today is our last in the city. We are going be moving to the summer house super early tomorrow morning and I will probably spend at least a day probably 2 days unpacking and settling. Hopefully will be able to post by Thursday or Friday the latest. Since today was our last day decided to take on an adventure in the morning instead of staying home. Left as soon as the kids woke up and walked to the local pier. Had breakfast at a cafe facing the water and the pier. It was already hot but bearable. Took the ferry boat which had a nice breeze that was so welcome. Got off at the first stop which is Konak. On our way to the small closed shopping mall we encountered an old ship skeleton statue. My son wanted to climb it and I thought it would make the perfect backdrop to today's photo shoot. My new nanny took great shots. My son loved climbing all over the bars. The heat was starting to become scorching so we rushed to the shopping center's AC'd comfort. The building was an old fishery. It was beautiful inside. Pretty small for a shopping center with only 10 or so shops and a few restaurants but very cute. Apparently you are not allowed to take photos inside which we found out when we took the shot below. No one knew why you couldn't take photos. Spent most of the time in a book store (my son's favorite activity browsing books). Took a cab back home (no ferry boats until afternoon) in time for lunch. Posting early today as I will be packing tonight. We'll probably do the indoor play area in the afternoon until dinner. Talk to you all in couple of days...


Monday, June 14, 2010


Gave the title cause the scarf has a gypse feel. Found this at the big bazaar we went one wednesday. This style of scarves are sold everywhere. The price ranges from 5 to 15 TL but usually they are solid colors and have pom pom trims. I love it when I find a cute design and this one had colorful beads. The style is perfect for summer. It is super thin and perfect length to go around your neck once. The ends trim down to a string which gives it a necklace look. Orange is always my fave to add a splash of pop color to unexpected outfits. Thought this orange would go gread over denim (or white as well). You have seen many combos with this denim dress. Everytime i get a small accessory piece I create a new combo with it. It is a great starting piece.  I again wore the white inside skirt underneath. All about layering these days. These flip flops were for the beach but since they went great with the scarf I wore them in the city. There is a tiny gold sea star on them (forgot to take a closeup photo) so went with gold jewelry. My aunt's creation and gift loop earings and my dad and his girlfriend's gift gold watch were perfect. The evil eye gold ring also compliments the blue in the dress. Finally the newly acquired string bracelet seems to go with everything I wear these days.  Since these were taken during an errand run while the kids were napping I have an actual purse. This was my great bargain purchase from the 'Thread Show'. Even though it looks black it is actually super dark green. So it can go with black or brown tones. The beads and the bird pretty much goes with everything. Especially with the new style of accessories I have been purchasing in Turkey.

Denim Dress - from Turkey (Alsancak) - 30 TL 
Orange Scarf - from Turkey (Bostanli Pazari) - 5 TL
Flip Flops - Ipenema from Turkey (Twiggy)
Leather purse with bead and bird detail - Thread Show - $80
Gold Bracelet Watch - Ed Hardy
Evil Eye gold ring - from Turkey
String bracelet - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Again too hot of a day to go out this morning. Tried to tire out the kids at home with hallway bowling and soccer but no luck. My son was not tired enough and did not nap. Went out during nap time to run errands. When we got home in the afternoon it was still way too hot to go out to the park. So, went to the indoor play area with cousin again. That was the best bet, kids ran around and jumped and climbed at their heart's desire without feeling the heat. Came home by dinner time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Layered Skirt

Fell in love with this skirt the minute I saw it. As I have told you before I am now obsessed with layered bottoms where white lacy things show from underneath. This skirt is sold like this with two layers. AND it came with this amazingly cool belt. I can wear this belt with a lot more stuff. Already created 3 different looks with the skirt. This new necklace I bought couple days ago from a street vendor was the perfect compliment I thought. Leather and bronze metal colors match the leather and bronze belt really nicely. Have not had a chance to get my hair blown dried so here is my hair natural (curly)... Discovered this camisole top underneath another shirt hanging in the closet. I am not sure for which outfit combo I brought this for. May be packed it by mistake but thought it goes nicely with the skirt.

White camisole top - La Redoute catalog
Double layered skirt with belt - boutique in Turkey
Leather and coin necklace - street vendor in Turkey
White and steel ring - Swatch
Bronze and cubic zircone arabic ring - from a jewelry store in Turkey (couple years ago)
Black sandals - Boutique 9

Today's Activities: Stayed home in the morning as it was way too hot to be out. Kids went a little nuts but we managed. Had an early lunch and they amazingly did nap pretty good even though they were not tired. May be the heat. After naps we started another adventure of visiting a different neighborhood and shopping center. This time we had a car so my mom drove. Wasn't easy to find but she did real good on the way there. Unfortunately this was an outside mall and it was still too warm. We found some kid rides in the shade and had the kids play by the decorative pools until it cooled down. Afterwards utilized the jumpy and the jumpy slide area. Kids had a blast. My daughter who has no fear loved to bounce among 4 year olds and was squeling in delight. My son who is usually more careful was climbing the high slide and sliding down with joy. Of course we did manage to do a tiny bit of shopping. Another great necklace vendor was there. See purchases below...
Our way back was a bit more eventful. First of all we couldn't get the car alarm to stop and after playing with it for 20 minutes with two tired kids in the back we just drove with the alarm on for 45 minutes. To top it all missed the exit and went towards the opposite direction and had to turn around. Missed the exit again but was able to quickly turn around and finally got home. We all had a headache from the alarm sound. It was nice to visit somewhere different though.

The blue one is my mom's purchase... The two long ones are mine. I plan to wear them together...