Saturday, March 13, 2010

Simply Teal

I might have seen a similar outfit in Lucky's style spotter cause when I spotted this t-shirt the look immediately came to my head. I love the detail of the tee. Even though it looks simple it is really nice jersey soft quality and it has tone on tone satin stripes. Great find for $15 from Forever 21.

Outfit: Dark grey skinny jeans, tigh high black suede boots, teal t-shirt, long black/silver necklace. Black fringe purse (from Guess about 10 years ago!).
I topped it with a slimlined black leather jacket when it got cool.

I was just thinking how the way I try on new clothes have changed now. I used to go up on my tiptoes and visualize what it would look like with heels on. Now, I bend over to see if it is showing too much decolte or too much leg. If I bend my legs does the waist hold up. Cause those are the positions I will be in throughout the day with the kids.
As I read the fashion blogs of 20 year olds I do lust over their ability to wear heels. Cause I do think heels make everything look cool. But it just not a reality in my everyday life. So, by buying shoes and clothes that work with kids I get to dress up during the day and the clothes don't collect dust in my closet for those once in a while girl's night out or date night.

Here is a photo of me today with my daughter during her first pony ride at the St. Patrick's day Festival.
Today's Activities: Breakfast at Mom's house, taking son to dance lesson. Attended the 'Kids in the Kitchen' event which was promoting healthy foods and snacks for kids. In the afternoon went to the St. Patrick's Day Festival.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Peachy Cargo's...

Weather is warming up so able to wear another outfit from my 'idea list'. These are the new cargo pants that were on sale at JCrew. Like that they have a drawstring waist so I can adjust it without having to go down or up a size. I rolled up the cuffs a bit. You can roll more to make them capri length or roll them all the way down for a pant look. The top is from forever 21 and silky material which I feel softens the cargo and cameo combo. Zip up jacket is a very old purchase from Target I think. The rocket dog cameo flats are really old too and I almost got rid of them one year but they are back in style now. Because they are so flat though you can't really wear them on days that involves a lot of walking, like zoo or sea world.

Outfit: Cargo pants, Peach silky top, cameo zip sweatshirt jacket, cameo flats. Native american style necklace (a gift from parents from South Dakota)...

Activities: Playdate at La Jolla rec center in the AM, walked and played at UTC mall in the PM, went to dinner with hubby, kids and friends to chuck e cheese at night. Trying to adjust the kids to the upcoming time change starting tonight.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Adopting one of the looks in my list of 30+ outfit ideas. Using the new utility jacket/shirt I got from sale on gap. The inspiration photo had grey skinny slacks which I am substuting with grey skinny jeans but the cuffs rolled up to make them ankle length. The photo also used a plain yellow shirt where mine has a slight design and a brown belt where mine is a dark coral color. I love this belt. It is from anthropologie and I think it will go with a lot of things. The best part is it is stretch material and there are no holes so it will fit no matter what size you are. I also needed an outfit today where I can wear during the day and at night for going out with my best friend. You will see the photo with heels is the night outfit and the boots are for during the day. Even though none of the pieces are necessarily warm there was enough of them layered on top of each other (3 layers) that I didn't feel cold even at night. I thought I would never be able to find the key 'navy vest' piece but of course there was one at forever 21. It is actually high quality wool gabardine material with lining and everything. Only for $24. This vest goes great over dresses without adding too much bulk. I am going to get lots of use out of it this coming spring.

Outfit: Grey skinny Jeans, Yellow t-shirt with light design from Target (very old), navy vest (forever 21), utility shirt worn like a jacket (gap), deep coral woven belt tied at hip (anthropologie), coral necklace (charlotte rousse), cognac colored platform heels, Michael Kors (great find at TJ Max). Day time with cognac boots (charles david).

Activities: Kid ventures with toddler class, lunch at home with a friend and her kids. Taking kids to music class in the afternoon. At night went out to an Italian Chef's showcase event with all you can eat appetizers, desserts and champagne all for free with my best friend. She finds the best deals.

I love my one night out per week with the girls. It is like medicine. I feel every mom should have a close group of girlfriends who are preferably not mom's so she can feel like her oldself and have fun and not talk about kids for a few hours. And it is very affordable when your friends find the best deals and events in town that are usually invitation only so you spend no money at all. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tie Dye Simplified...

Cold front seems to be continuing here in southern California, so getting more use out of my sweaters. I wore this outfit before and blogged about it but had no photo. So, here it is...
Outfit: Black ruffle bottom boucle swteater (victoria's secret), tie dye skinny jeans (H&M), tigh high black suede boots, which are now alwasy slouching down!:( from Steve Madden. Wore a beaded black necklace (forever 21) which covered my entire decolte but kind of looked cool I thought. And a satin bow headband (H&M). Decided to do a side braid as it was too windy to have my hair down. My son posed with me again. He now almost always insists on being in my photos. I do have a daughter need to get her in a photo one day. :)

Activities: Birch Aquarium with our toddler class in the morning. Neither kids had slept through the night so they both had a full blown break down by lunch time but we manage to get through it and home in time for naps. Daughter did not take a full nap and was cranky non stop. Took them both to their swim class in the afternoon followed by grocery shopping and checked out TJ Max (nothing to note). Kept the outfit the same but switched suede boots with uggs and ditched the necklace before the swim class.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Very cold day today (for San Diego anyway). Saw this outfit idea on a magazine where they were displaying drawstring bags and there was a small pictures of a model with a bag. The idea was wearing red under a black and white striped jacket. What was great is that I already owned all of these in my closet. The white button down is an old bebe shirt, the red sleeveless sweater is a banan republic piece. The jacket is from forever 21. Since I had to wear a belt to hold up my too big jeans I chose a black and white one so if it peaked out it would look cool. Completed it with a very thin multi chain silver necklace. It is barely seen and that is the idea. :) Activities today were checking out the Children's museum in Escondido. Long drive but a cute little place. Especially great for my little crawler. In the afternoon went to fashion valley with my mom so I could actually try on things as she entertained the kids. Otherwise I don't know how mom's shop. Bought a dress on sale from Anthropologie (my all time fave store) that amazingly goes with so many items already in my closet. Anything from a yellow cardigan, orange cardigan, purple sweater, navy vest, blazer jacket or a utility shirt jacket. It will be a dress I will wear a lot to make use of all these combinations. Can't wait for weather warm up to bit.

Monday, March 8, 2010

This is a combination I came up with all on my own. Had the idea but needed the organge cardigan. Found it on sale at Gap couple months ago. Worn this before but had not taken a photo.  Fortunate enough to have couple hours of free time thanks to my mom and step dad taking the kids so went shopping. Put everything I tried on and liked on hold so I can come back with the kids and just purchase the ones I decide on tomorrow. I got great compliments on my outfit from sales clerks. Since the shirt and the cardigan happens to be from Gap the lady said she is actually going to use this idea for her window display. :)   Outfit: Blue skinny jeans, blue and white striped blouse, orange cardigan, brown skinny double strap belt, brown flat boots. And the infamous $7 necklace from H&M. Got specific compliments on it today. It is just a such an understated simple piece and love the colors and how it amazingly goes with a lot of items.  Read couple more magazines and am just full of new outfit ideas. Searching couple of essential items such as 'utility jacket' which will be the replacement of the boyfriend blazer for spring/summer, a flowy flowery dress that can be the bottom piece for all sorts of funky layered outfits, Cargo pants and khaki shorts. I have a few on hold so need to make sure I am getting the best price. I am also re-discovering some items in my closet that will come alive with these fashion pieces. A lot of fun.
Oh, the activities today: Dropping kids at grandma's, shopping, visiting sister's new condo and kid ventures again.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Casual at the Oscars...

Went to my friend's Oscar Party tonight but it was inisted we dress in sweats so dressed very casual. Never had time to take a photo.

Oufit: Teal colored cotton boot leg pants, thermal cream top with teal and orange mini flowers, cream colored wool chunky cardigan with teal, pink and yellow flowers, ugg boots.
The cardigan I swear was mine when I was like 10-12 years old. Not sure how it somehow still fits. The teal in the flowers on both the thermal top and the cardigan match really nicely to the pants.

Activities: Horribly rainy day today and the indoor play area (kid Ventures) was closed to private parties. Hung out at the food court of the outdoor UTC mall trying to entertain kids with watching hockey and riding quarter slot cars. In the afternoon took them to a store but rained so hard we just came back home.
Went to my friend's party early by 5 PM!