Saturday, August 3, 2013

Creme de la creme

 Last night's outfit to take out our friends to a birthday dinner....
I had got these pants with still tags on from a thrift store last year I think. Just getting around to wearing them. They have a great fit. Slim but not tight, flowy too...

Pants - Rodriguez
Jacket, top and necklace - Forever 21
Heels - Rock Republic
Clutch - Asos
Bracelet - Bauble bar

Had a nice swim playdate at our friend's house where the kids played and our conversation flowed so easily.
But then had to rush home and shower and get ready. The kids were excited to spend time with Daddy though as he took them to dinner I left to meet the girls for happy hour first then to dinner.
And we spent some time planning a birthday trip to celebrate my big 4-0 that is coming up next month.
Hopefully it will work out.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cool Water

 Today's quick combo was inspired by Anthropologie's catalog from I think couple years ago....

My sister had bought me this very gorgeous necklace scarf for mother's day that year!

Top - Forever 21
Scarf - Anthropologie
Pants - Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
Sneakers - Converses

Today was our library day which surprising the kids even my 6 year old truly looks forward to it. They love the story time that is followed by a song and their favorite part is the simple craft. My son totally gets into it taking his time with coloring and cutting. My daughter is more into the cutting part. :)
We the went to the grocery store and came home for lunch and a swim in our own pool.
In the afternoon took my son to meet the coach of swim team at the YMCA. He is still quite young as the youngest kids on the team are usually 7 but he has such potential that we wanted to get him tested and see where he is. He did great swimming close to 150 meters. He still has to perfect breast stroke and learn butterfly so we are going to continue with semi private lessons to get him ready.
It was such a rush watching him swim in that lonely huge pool lane. He is growing so fast.
Tonight my parents took the kids to Sea World to watch the fireworks...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Broken Yolk

This morning's combo was inspired by May 2013 issue of Lucky magazine:

I realize the colors of her skirt look better with the combo but this is what I could come up with from my closet....

Jacket - Gap
Crochet Top - H&M
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - J Crew
Purse - from Turkey

Met a big group of friends (10 adults and 16 kids to be exact) at a breakfast restaurant near my house to bid farewell to one of our dear friends who is moving to Ohio.
We have had series of get togethers over the last month as we knew this day was coming.
But today was her real last day and it was bitter sweet.
The kids of course were oblivious to off this and were having a blast despite the dirty looks from the servers who just couldn't wait until our large group left their restaurant....

We put kids on one big table and adults on a separate table which was brilliant!

Kids of course eat super quickly and start playing like we are at a playground... 
Here they are doing boys against girls....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bold Pastels

 Today's outfit was inspired by J Crew's March 2013 catalog:

Floral Blouse - H&M
Pants - Forever 21
Necklace - Francesca's
Shoes - Shoedazzle
Purse - Michael Kors

Still not feeling great but pumping up cold medicines and keeping up with our plans. Took the kids to our friend's son's bowling birthday party. The boys are older now and they absolutely loved bowling. Need to do it more often. Afterwards we stopped to show for soccer cleats for my daughter then picked up my dad and came home. Tried to get everyone to rest/nap and then cooked dinner and had my sister and brother in-law over as well.

My son lost his third tooth last night!