Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color Rotation Challange Summary

This is a summary post of the color rotation challange hosted by Scrap and Run.









I think Pink day is my favorite. Which one is yours?
To see others check out this link....

Friend Friday Post - Feminism

Hello, long time no see... (See below to see why...)

I am posting the Friend Friday post a day late but better late than never right?
This week's topic is on Feminism...

1. Do you think there is an incompatibility between feminism and a love for fashion?
I don't think so. I think it actually very compatible. Love of fashion implies

2. There is more to each of us than a love for fashion, how do you incorporate every aspect of yourself into your blog?
I never hide that I am a mom. I write a section called 'Today's Activities' under each fashion post that talks about what I did with my kids and my own personal life. This allows me to show my readers who I really am behind the clothes.

3. With the fashion industry still being a male-dominated profession, how do you think it would differ if women played a larger role?
Honestly, I am not sure it would differ that much. I feel this is one industry women should have no problem dominating.

4. How is your self-image and the way you carry yourself informed by your beliefs?
I believe in having confidence, knowing who you are and dressing the way that makes you feel like 'you'.

5. Do you think clothing/makeup/hair helps communicate the truth about yourself or are those things superfluous add-ons?
I think they communicate just one aspect of you but definitely not even close to all.
The aspect that you like clothes and fashion and you have a 'style' and that is it and pretty much nothing else.
When I am out with friends dressed in a leather mini skirt with red tights, chunky platforms and a white fedora hat, no way you are going to get that I am super involved and dedicated mommy who also loves finance. You see what I mean?

So, couple news as to why I have been MIA the last few days:

1. My Brother (10 years my junior) and SIL has their baby boy on Friday! The mom and the baby are doing great.

2. I am hospitalized!

The day my SIL went into labor I started having ear pain and swelling. Wanting to be so much part of their life changing experience I ignored my situation and stayed with them and family in the hospital from 1 PM Thursday on. While her labor was progressing very slowly, my swelling was growing rapidly. By 3:30 AM she was only 3 cm dilated and my right ear had swelled up to half a size larger than my left and had turned beet red. What was worse is that the swelling now had started moving to my right cheek. At this point I couldn't ignore it any further. But since we were in a Naval hospital I had to leave and drive to another hospital nearby to check into their ER. They admitted me right away and gave me antibiotics via IV and marked with a black sharpie (lovely right?) the swollen area. At the end of the treatment course the swelling was continuing to advance pass the markers and they hospitalized me! I am now under critical watch 4 different kinds of antibiotics and my swelling is making tiny little improvements but not much better to discharge me yet! The good thing is I have Wi-Fi! And my current nurse is bending the 'no kids under the age of 16' rule and allowing my husband to bring by the kids for a little while.

I mean what are the odds? There are 365 days in a year and I had to have this the same night/day my nephew was being born! Not a day before or day after but at the same time! Come on! All I wanted was to do was be there for them during that process and then to hold my nephew. Now we are in different hospitals and all I get to do is look at his photos! Hopefully soon I will get to meet him in person.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First, I want to welcome to all the new followers I have been getting lately. I know I don't pulicly announce in my blogs as I personally try to visit each and everyone that comments or follows my blog but I want to let you all know now how much I appreciate you all. It just makes this whole blogging experience so much more fun and meanningful to have your support and your views and comments. I have been enjoying building new friendships with people who live thousands of miles away through this experience more than I can explain. So, welcome and thank you...

Back to today's outfit. Today is the last day of the Color Rotation Challange which is 'Pattern Day' and I am going with stripes. If I remember I will do a recap tomorrow. The inspiration for this simple outfit came from the following: 

I mean I have all these pieces so why not and the whole outfit looked so comfy which is perfect with kids. I decided to not tuck my top and instead pull it all the way down though... 

For accessories I layered 3 different (somewhat forgatton) silver chain necklaces. I remember back when I wore these so frequently. One at a time of course. With the comeback of longer and chunkier ones these haven't been touched in ages.
I also layered 2 simple chain bracelets over my watch to match... 

So, I was trying to pose like the actress in the inspiration photo but realized it looks somewhat stupid without having another person in front of you and turned around. Still stupid but oh well... 

These photos were taken in the play yard of our preschool by my mom.... 

Striped tunic top - From Turkey
Black Cardigan - La Redoute Catalog
Red Pants - super old I am sure a F21 purchase.
Loafers - Via Spiga
3 Necklaces - Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor and handmade by my aunt
Bracelets - both Tiffany's
Watch - Bulova

Today's Activities: So no nephew today. My SIL and brother were sent back home (according to news I got from my Dad) to wait out another week. Yikes. I just can't imagine.
Before knowing this of course, thinking I would be rushing to the hospital right after school I packed like crazy in the morning. It was our turn to serve snack today so had to wash and pack cucambers, cheese and cracker chips in one bag. Than made lunch in another. Then packed an overnight bag for the kids for my mom's house just in case. A lot of packing and we had to get to school on time since whoever brings snack becomes 'teacher's helper' that day which means my Son has to be there on time to ring the bell.
Which is why the photos were taken at the school. My mom luckily could join us and that was HUGE help.
Everyone enjoyed our snack. Even tough I wasn't going to the hospital the kids were too excited already to go over to grandma and grandpa's house so my mom took them anyway.
I should have and could have gone to the gym but I was so enjoying some quiet time at home that I didn't get motivated enough to leave. I did play dress up again just to style this one new skirt I got from F21. It is see through schiffon in animal print. Came with attached shorts in lining material so you can wear them as is. I browsed polyvore for some ideas at first than managed came up with 7 very different outfits with the skirt. I am very proud of them. I feel once I wear all of them I should do a collage.
Went to dinner at my mom's to have dinner with them and the kids. 

Here are kids leading the pledge of allegiance... 

 Announcing each snack item we brought than asking who likes xxx which is why my daughter is raising her hand to indicate she likes cheese!  

More snack announcements...

My mom outside with the kids by the sand table... 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, here is purple for you! I usually do not like to be matchy matchy but couldn't resist overplaying the purple by going both top and tights in the same color.

I usually can't pull off a mini with the kids but these tights are so thick they are practically leggings, so it worked.

Added the zebra print shrug as I love the combo of black and white and purple together. This huge purple purse is a thrift find by my mom. I was going to use it as a diaper bag but it is actually bigger than I need. Currently I use it for an overnight bag or a very cute gym bag etc... It is huge.

How do you like my giant necklace? This was a F21 online purchase. Should have paid attention to the picture with the ruler that tells you the size. I just assumed it was smaller than this. But somehow it kind of works with this outfit. The top has some graphics on it in silver too.
These grey patent leather boots are almost 5 years old. I usually wear them under pants so you never get to see them completely.

Forgot to zoom in on my new headband. It is silver leaves over black. Looks really cool but it was giving me a headache after couple hours. I need to loosen it a bit.
Oh and a disclaimer: I did swap the booties for uggs majority of the day...

Purple Top & Booties - From Turkey
Zebra Shrug - Express thrifted
Denim mini & tights - can't remember
Purse - thrifted
Headband and Necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Well, the good news is kids were feeling 90% better this morning. They had a solid night sleep and as a result so did we. But I still didn't think they were ready to handle a 3 hour outdoor class/activity so we were going to stay home but my son literally made a case as to how he was feeling great and that we totally could go somewhere but he just wasn't sure where and so I should pick it. I had to laugh. So we went to the indoor play area. They had a great time. They both took solid naps too so definitely we have turned around the corner I think. In the afternoon we did stay home. I was willing to take them to the park but they didn't they (well really my son) didn't think that was fun enough. Instead they played with my extra make up brushes dipping them in bowls of water and 'painting' the shower and the tub. They were getting soaked but having so much fun so I let them for a while. We had a nice dinner with my dad at night.

Oh on a side note, so while they were napping I was trying on these new sandals I am trying to decide on and instead started styling this super cute mustard dress I have from Since blogging it seems I am literally unable to just wear the dress on its own. I feel like I am not fully dressed if I don't layer or style. So I was on a roll. Created 4 different outfits with the same dress. Very excited about them.

Tomorrow might be a big day. My sister-in-law might get induced and might give birth to my nephew. I am just so excited for them. I have arranged my mom to cake over the kids shortly after preschool so I can go direct to the hospital. Lets see what happens. If I don't post you will know why...

Monday, March 21, 2011

BLUE DAY - a day late

Hi There! Sorry missed a day, both kids are sick and we are not doing so great either. So we didn't get dressed at all yesterday. Today was not much better but I had to get a post out as I don't want to be 2 days behind in the challange.
This outfit by the way somewhat looked better in reality than in photos. 

I got the idea of adding pearls over a button down from Bee in Atlantic Pacific. This trench belongs to my mom. She leaves it a my house so she has a jacket if she needs to I guess. Actually I don't know why it is in my coat closet but I do use it occasionally too. Today was rainning so it was perfect.

I thought this sparkly fedora would be perfect. I had no time to style my hair or put make-up on so the hat was good to hide it all.

My mom took these photos across the street from my house since my side of the street had trash cans lined up as it is trash day.

Black Trench Coat - Mom's
Blue button down - Victoria's Secret
Skinny cargo pants - Target
Oxfords - Forever 21
Pearl and gold chain necklaces - Mom's as well
Long pearl necklace - mine but not sure where I got it...
Hat - from a vendor during wine tasting

Today's Activities: My son was up on and off all night long with upset stomach and a horrible cough. Ended up sending my husband to the guest bedroom so he can get some sleep and took my son in bed with me. You know he was sick cause he kept saying 'hug me'. He is usually not a cuddly kid. Woke up feeling horrible. I called the Dr's office as soon as they opened and got a 9:30 AM appt. Thank goodness my mom was not working and met me there to help. It was very fortunate cause afterwards it was pouring rain and she picked up the perscriptions and I took the kids home. Imagine if I had to take out 2 sick fevery kids out in pouring rain, wait in line at the drug store than come back out. That would have been awful.
My mom stayed the whole day so we can entertain the kids. After pain releivers they did feel a bit better.
The good thing with staying home and having help is I finished 3 loads of laundry, paid all the bills and picked up. I sure hope they feel better tomorrow. My daughter has an ear infection and my son has chest congestion they are both on antibiotics.