Friday, October 14, 2016

Don't Let Them Tame You

Wednesday's outfit inspired by the Cabi Lookbook:

Pairing a cardi over a denim shirt was a great idea. I substituted by boho cardigan...

Cardigan - Marshall's
Denim Shirt - Forever 21
Booties - Steve Madden
Pants - Kika Paprika
Necklace - Nordstrom Rack

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Young at Heart 

 What I wore Friday night to a dinner outing for my Friend's Birthday and to see the Movie 'Girl on the Train' with my book club group as we had read the book last year...

Can you believe it one of these tassel earrings fell that night and I lost it! :(

Shirt - SheIn
Jeans - Closet
Shoes - J Crew
Purse - Coach
Sunglasses - Westward Leaning
Earrings - Baublebar

What a fun outing with the girls... Thanks to my parents and skipping the kid swim team practice I carved myself an extra hour to browse some shops at the mall.
I stopped myself from buying more kids' clothes and went in to the new Amazon book store...
I absolutely love book stores. I love touching the books reading the back cover, reading the first few sentences of the first chapter...
And Amazon store has a small selection but has it organized in interesting categories, like 'classics everyone should read', 'top review', 'local authors', 'mystery fiction', 'historical fiction' and the kids books are grouped by age/reading level...
And when you buy the books they are amazon prices and they payment can be just through your amazon prime account.
Pretty cool...

The Girl on the Train movie was good. Despite the fast paced previews the movie did stay true to the book and as we remembered starts quite slow and depressing... They changed a major setting aspect though, while the book takes place in London, the movie is in NYC!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Little Boho

 What I wore Thursday night...

I had gotten this little dress and was going to return it but then kind of loved it...
With gladiator sandals the shortness was somewhat balanced...


 Dress - Forever 21
Sandals - Gabriella Rocha
Earrings - H&M

Wore this all day and it worked fine for a dinner out with the girls at night as well....

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Man Show

Wearing my new vest... Wednesday I think...

Looked up a few inspirations and this casual one is from Pinterest:

Vest - Kohl's
Blouse - Forever 21
Jeans - J Crew
Sneakers - Converses
Sunglasses - Westward Leanning