Saturday, March 29, 2014

Heart of Gold

Thursday's outfit was inspired by J Crew's December 2013 catalog:
 I liked the idea of adding a baggy cozy sweater over the dressy pants and the beret makes it casual…
These pants always shine and attract so much attention and compliments...

 New discovery. I am a person that just gets so cold if I don't have thick socks and boots on during the winter months. So I can never bring myself to bear my ankles and ruin so many looks by wearing socks. I also can't find the right nude shade of knee high stockings. So I gave up looking and wore full length sheer nude panty hose instead and voila looks great...

Beret, Sweater - Forever 21
Pants - J Crew
Oxfords - Shoedazzle

I actually started the day with work out clothes and ran at the park during my daughter morning ballet class. It was pretty freeing to run in fresh air. I usually hate running but once a week might not be so bad and it is a great park to run and I have a solid hour while she is in Ballet. That way I didn't have to exercise at night. We ran a few more errands then came home for a quick shower and change then picked up my son and went to rec center than to tennis and then back home. My sister and brother in law came over and I cooked a healthy dinner for all of us...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

White Hot

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by 'Who What Wear' site once again...

I love this top. It was a great online find cause I suspected it was this thick material and it sure was. Looks so expansive and holds its shape…

Love these giant pearl earrings I found at H&M...

Top - Forever 21
Pants - Rock Republic
Earrings - H&M
Booties - Steve Madden

Nothing major just our usual school, some errands, picking up my son, homework, swimming, dinner etc…

These super cute photos were taken on Tuesday on my phone. Just downloaded them…
They totally portray the personality of my little princess...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look around you

Yesterday's outfit was very loosely inspired by this post from Fashionista Chloe blog:

Cardigan - Le Redoute
Top - Ann Taylor Loft
Pants, beret - Forever 21
Purse - Thread Show
Boots - Steve Madden

Went to the outdoor class and it was quite cold and chilly of course the kids don't care. Afterwards we went to my daughter's Dr appointment which took longer than expected. Actually it took almost 15 minutes to get out of their parking lot. She begged to go to the indoor play area we only had 30 minutes and it wasn't really worth it but went anyway.
Then had to go pick up my son and came home. Love tuesday afternoons cause we don't have to go out again. I fit in a work out 'before dinner' and showered myself and the kids so that I was done for my friend who came over after they went to bed to watch our shows…

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So what if we don't sleep

 Yesterday's outfit was inspired by this Chictopia post:

Trench - Guess
Top, Dress - from Turkey
Purse - DKNY
Boots - BCBG
Hat - TJ Maxx

Starting the week tired again. I really hate getting up early in the mornings. Went to my daughter's school then to the indoor play area for just a little while and then it is our usual pick up my son come home for homework then swimming then dinner and usually I workout after they are in bed but Monday met my girlfriend for an exercise class instead. With the commute it of course takes longer but it was fun having company and to chat before and after...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wine for a Cause

 Last night's outfit to a 'wine for a cause' event at my friend's house….

I was searching for something else on ebay when I came across this skirt and the matching silk jacket on clearance since the Phillip Lim for Target craze is so over now. So may be it is worth the wait to get them at lower than retail prices… The size fits perfectly. The waist has a bit of a stretch so perfectly comfortable… I saved so many inspirations with the pieces and was excited to wear one of them.

This was the combo paired with the electric blue tux jacket. Adding the bold black and white ankle cuff sandals really made a statement. I layered my super old medallion necklace with the multi chain one….

 These shoes totally stay put due to wide ankle cuff and the velcro closure allows me to adjust over my skinny ankles...

Jacket, Shoes - Rock Republic (from Kohl's)
Skirt - 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
Necklace - Forever 21 & Arden B
Clutch - Forever 21
Bracelet - Stella and Dot
Sunglasses - Wildfox

Catching the MONDAY MINGLE this week….

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Ah, finally a morning with no plans so I slept in until 8 AM! It was heaven. Woke up and watched the 'Howl's moving castle' with the kids. What an amazing movie by the famous director Hayao Miyazaki who also did 'Ponyo' and 'My neighbor Totoro' movies the kids and I love. Would highly recommend it if you have kids…

Afterwards I made the meal plan and the grocery list for the week and cleaned up the house and we just threw on some clothes and got the grocery shopping over with. I was dreading it but if I don't do it I won't follow the nutrition plan and it will all go downhill.
We ate lunch and relaxed a bit more then got dressed and went to my friend's house for this fundraiser event.

Everyone donated 3-4 bottles of wine for an event the charity (Casa de amparo) will have later. My friend rented a jumpy so even though there were so many kids at the party it was like they weren't there as they all played for hours in the trampoline and the jumpy and we totally relaxed. What a great Sunday afternoon.