Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fenced In

This was my outfit tonight going to a b-day dinner with the girls. 
The inspiration came from the following b/w photo in a magazine which I forgot to note the name of...
I liked who she played down the animal print dress with utility style jackets and the thin scarf big layered bracelets, fringe purse and fringe earings. 
My mom brought this dress from their cruise to Mexico a couple of months ago. It is actually a very simple and comfy sun dress. The print makes it dressier.
For accessories I added the brown and gold cuffs on both wrists. The right one is just one cuff that looks like multiple. The one on the right is using pieces from two different sets. I have been really enlarging my cuff collection and it is so much fun to pile them on. Thank goodness for F21 prices.
The beaded fringe earings are the prefect look, but the color does not go all that great but I didn't care.

 I could worn my brown wood platforms which also looked great but wanted to add some interest with the cream wedges instead. These shoes make a statement all on their own!

This fringe purse is ancient but is in great shape. 
  The crochet scarf is very very old. I have it in dusty pink and cream color as well. Bought them when long thin scarves were in style.
Need to get some sun (or self tanner) on those legs!

Dress - gift from Mexico
Utility shirt worn like a jacket - Gap
Scarf, bracelet, belt and earings - Forever 21
Wedges - Marshalls
Purse - Guess

Today's Activities: Spent the bulk of the day in a sweat pant suit as I took the kids to swim class. Then bargained with my son that today we were going to come back home for lunch and do our traditional gyro lunch out. He was fine. He is always fine as long as you give him plenty of advance notice and lots of explanation. Today at swim class they jumped in fully clothed and practiced swimming to the wall. It was a great practice. I dressed them in PJs after swim class so they can go straight to naps after lunch at home. Had to have a whole discussion with my son why PJs were being worn outside the house. I don't think I can ever stop talking when I am with him. The questions never end.
I cooked dinner while they napped and printed sample photos of scooby doo cakes. My mom and aunt came over when the kids woke up and I left them at home and did my marathon grocery shopping. First the grocery store than costco. Ordered the b-day cake and cupcakes. Yes, I am not one of those mom's who can whip up amazing made from scratch b-day cakes. But that is OK. I know my strengths and that is just not one of them. I did order all the cake and cupcake toppers in advance though cause planning is definitely my strong suit.
Of course buying all the stuff is just part of the process. Then coming home and unloading and putting them all away is a whole process in itself. I must have done 20 trips to and back from the car! So next time someone asks how I stay thin without stepping foot in a gym I have to remember to relay this afternoon.
Once everything was put away and my husband came I could shower and get dressed and even had time to take photos and clean-up dinner dishes etc...
Had a fun b-day dinner for my girlfriend. I know I say it all the time but I can't reiterate enough how refreshed I feel after just couple hours of laughing and dishing out and absolutely no kid talk! As a SAHM that does not work I spend 24 hours talking to kids, talking about kids or thinking about kids. That little break just feels so amazingly refreshing!


I attempted to do this post last month and had a draft saved then blogger went down and lost my draft. So, finally getting around to re-do it tonight.

I have had the honor of receiving a few blogs over the past couple of months!

Award #1:
Want to thank Debbie from Thrifty Girl Vintage who gave me this award on May 10th. To see the award post click here!

Award #2:
Want to thank Wild Ruffle who gave me the same award on May 11th. To see the award post click here!

Award #3:
Want to thank Marusya from the Crashing Red blog for this award which was given tonight!

Here are the rules for both of these awards:
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
2. Share seven random things about yourself
3. Award 15 blogs
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it
Except I always add feel free to disregard the rules as I know these awards go around...
So, 7 Random Things...
1. I am a neat/organize freak. To the point of re-organizing the dishes in the DW!
2. I like to eat spicy jalapenos with my pop corn and I love pop corn.
3. I love country music!
4. Although compared to my best friend it is not much but I have traveled to some very cool places from attending the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro to visiting the amazon region to safari in Kenya, Africa to name a few.
Yes, I like adventure travel and hope to continue once the kids are older. 
5. I used to hate resorts or regular 5 star hotels. I am all about bed and breakfast and small boutique hotels. But with kids have been converted at least for now.
6. I have a (half) sister and a (half) brother who are totally not related to each other.
7. I keep an excel spreadsheet of my outfit ideas. I am an excel freak, I like to do spreadsheets for everything from planning parties to packing lists to xmas gift ideas and purchases.

I have given similar awards if not these sames ones already to many blogs I follow.
But here are a few new ones....
1. Avy from 'My Mother Fucked Mick Jagger' - I know the title is a bit shocking and from what I can tell she has one of those privileged but troubled lives and she voices her feelings in such a beautiful manner that makes you feel like you are reading an award winning book and not a blog...

2. Carrie from Carrie Fabulous - Just mentioned her yesterday. Her polyvore creations are amazing and affordable and a total inspiration.

3. Ozge from Fashion on Ozge - Turkish blogger from my city (Izmir). She has a fun and chic style and always seems to be uplifting.

4. Liz from Late Afternoon - most of you might know her since her blog is one of those mega popular ones but if you haven't she is one of those worth following to get great inspiration ideas...

5. Joice from Love Joice - another fashion blogger mommy with great style and wearable with kids outfits.

6. Lisa from Stilettos and Diaper Bags - Yes, another fashion blogger mommy that is just so cute and fun. And I really adore her blog title!

7. Carly from Thirty Something Fashion - A mommy fashion blogger over 30 (totally relate) who has amazing style and has been so sincere in her correspondence.

and last but not least

8. Shybiker - A transgendered Lawyer who has very keen perspective as he discussions the fashion industry.

I was also going to post my backyard remodel photos tonight but it is now super late so I am going to have to end it and post this before blogger looses this! Posts with links take forever.

No outfit photos today. Spent the day in one of those matching sweat pant suits. My daughter was sick so I stayed home with her as my friend took my son to Preschool then we picked him up and worked on errands at home....

Here is my sick girl with her juice box watching cartoons as I folded laundry and worked on their preschool scrapbook next to her...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carrie Fabulous

Today's outfit was inspired by the amazingly talented Carrie from Carrie Fabulous blog. She creates the most amazing polyvore sets. They are not only so pretty visually but also very creative and the items are very affordable too! I have been saving so many of her creations for outfit inspirations. So happy to be wearing one of them for the firs time... 
This set is her No. 53. I took the flared jeans with a babydoll top and cowboy hat and brown platforms as my key pieces from this set. 

This babydoll top was an Anthropologie clearance purchase soooo many years ago from LA when we didn't even have an Anthropologie store in San Diego. To add to the bohemian look I put on the ostricth feather headband so the feathers will show through the hat. 

This hat is from NEXT which is a site I found through another blog and ordered two hats a few months ago. Wearing this for the first time. I love that it is quite un exagerated and it has wire on the ends so easy to shape to however you like it to be. Also has this fun trim around too.

These jeans are again very old hence now that the flare is in they are totally back in style...Although they are not as extereme flare as I would like them to have but oh well...

Had some fun with the tripod and took photos in all 4 corners of my bedroom deck... 

An an action pose (walking)... 

To the playground for the outdoor class of course I switched out of these wood platforms into my new flat sandals... 

These gladiator style sandals are going to be super under shorts and skirts but for today they are covered uner the jeans... 

Top - Anthropologie
Tank - from Turkey
Jeans - Citizens
Hat - Next
Wood Platforms & Feather head band - Forever 21
Flat sandals - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: Went to the outdoor class this morning. At first we were all so happy the weather was warming and the sun was up. Then it got quite windy and chilly actually and I even had to put away my hat as it wouldn't stay on.
During the kids nap I saved all their preschool photos from the past year into a flash drive.
After naps we ran some art project errands. First went to the CVS to print all the photos I have saved. Then bought a binder and some cute computer paper to use as a background and other stuff.
Tonight I am working on putting together all their photos into a binder scrapbook style. I might not be very crafty but one thing I do is not only take lots of photos but I organize, share upload and download my photos and create photo books. I love scrapbooking but have only done two (one for each kid). I used to print all my photos and put them in albums with titles but that was taking sooo much space. So now I decided to create a photo book for the whole year. The books end up costing quite a lot due to the fact that I have to add so many pages than the standard but at least they take so little space and I can use many different layouts.
Anyway, back to my point is that I decided to make an album of all the photos we have taken this past year during their preschool activities and put it in the same binder as their hand made alphabet book and the class roster. Lets see how it comes out... Once again of course I have created projects that did not need to be created but what can I say...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pretty Artichokes

Well, at first I was all determined to do the 'Inspiration Monday' by Two Birds, BUT, the weather was too cold and I had just worn a very similar outfit for the BDIB event with a tie already...
So, wore this today.

This was inpsired by the lovely Kristy from the MonoChromaChic Chic blog

I like the idea of a sweatshirt over a silky blouse and the hues of rose pink and grey! 

Then you add a sparkly big statement necklace on top!  

I didn't even try to pair a high heel today with the outfit and just went direct with what I would be truly wearing... These  oxfords were simple and blending enough with this outfit. And comfy... 

This sweatshirt actually has a design in the front but I wore it backwards to use the plain side! 

Grey Sweathshirt & Oxfords & Necklace - Forever 21
Silk Blouse - Victoria's Secret
Denim Leggings - Kohl's

Today's Activities: Another Sea World day for us. We went yesterday so I can spend time with my Aunt and today was our preschool field trip. There were so many other schools there too and it was a bit hectic but it is just such a different dynamic when kids come to these places with their friends. They seem to interact and have so much fun running and chasing each other.
And us mommies just have to laugh it off as we stop every 10 seconds for one whinning kid or another or to get something they are requesting or picking up something they dropped. The fact that we are all in the same boat makes us feel better somehow.
The weather was awful and it started rainning pretty hard at some point. We were all prepared of course with rain jackets and hoodies for all the kids and blankets and ran to the nearest covered area for lunch.
After naps we went to the indoor play area and fed the kids dinner there. I dropped them home to my husband and then went straight to meet my mom, aunt, sister and step dad for sushi dinner.

We went to a funky 'garden discovery' section in Sea World which we have never seen before and saw the actual plant where artichoke's grow!

Random I know but I thought they looked so pretty and my kids love them as I wrote before...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farmer's Market

Wore this fun and colorful outfit to Sea World today. The inspiration came from the following photo in the Lucky magazine's April 2011 issue: 

I liked the pairing of the boucle blazer and the jeans and the beaded necklace... 

I added the hat cause I thought it just went with these unusual mix of prints and styles and colors... 

Love my stepdad taking thephotos. I wish he could do it everyday. He directs and leads and gives feedback! 

 I rarely get to wear these long red bead but today it kind of worked...

These sneaker wedges were totally comfortable at Sea World today... 

Again my stepdad's idea to pose in front of these flowers... 

Boucle Blazer - part of an Ann Taylor suit
Green striped tee - thrifted
thin jeans - from Turkey LC Waikiki (I always forget the spelling!)
Sneaker wedges - Roxy
Belt, hat, necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Sea World this morning with both kids. My stepdad met us in the parking lot so we can go in together. My mom and aunt met us a little while later. The shamu viewing is open again and it was great watching them so active up and close. After dolphin show, playing at bay of play and some more animal exhibits we came back home for naps. Decided it ride out the afternoon at home. Heated our hot tub for the first time and let our son take the first plunge into the newly re-surfaced pool first! Kids loved swimming with Daddy. We then did art all together and puzzles. It was nice hanging out just the 4 of us.

With the kids at Sea World