Monday, April 23, 2012

Filled with Joy

 Today's outfit was inspired the by lovely Kendi from Kendi Everyday blog...
I saved this last year I think because it was a combo I could create using this navy and red striped mini I had bought from Forever 21 quite sometime ago...

Top - J Crew
Denim Shirt - From Turkey
Skirt, tights - Forever 21
Boots - Via Spiga
Purse - Chloe
Necklace - H&M
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

It was a big day where we went as a big group of family to watch my kids perform for the Turkish Children's Holiday festival. The performance was at an auditorium in UCSD (my old college). The kids were amazing. They had zero stage fright or shyness. My son was first in his class to say his verse of the color song and he did it perfectly from memory. I was crying of course. Funny how these things make you so proud when you are a mommy.
Unfortunately they divided our tiny tots class performance between the entire performance so we had to stay for the whole thing which was tough for my 3 year old. She though did amazing during her SOLO performance. I had zero expectation of her actually going through with it but she held that microphone and was alone on the big stage and sang the whole song and loved the attention and the applaud. I have never been so proud and I am sure this is just the start of those moments that are yet to come.
I am sure it was tough on my in-laws who had to sit through the whole thing without understanding a word of it.
We came home dead tired and had a nice quiet dinner at home...

Some samples of Turkish folk outfits was hanging on the wall as decoration:

The tiny tots age group is on stage. My daughter in a tutu and son in green...

My son when singing his verse (hate that microphone blocked his face):

My daughter pairing up with her friend and chasing balloons instead of watching the performance!

The handsome boys! I look at this picture and just see how much and how fast he has grown...

And here she is singing her solo of 'mini mini bir kus' (Turkish readers will get the song name):


  1. i love your version of the outfit. i love the striped skirt, period. wanted to try one, but dont think i could wear this style.

    our kids sure do make us proud sometimes, don't they? i had no expectations for my son's christmas program, but he turned out to be the leader that everyone followed!

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  2. hahaha çok şirinler ama ya(: 23 nisan çocuk bayramı kutlu olsun o halde minik kuşlarının(:

  3. Hello! I am a new follower and love your look! Come check out my fashion blog!

  4. <ı was very proud to see my daughter enjoying her little ones perform on the stage the first time! It was a big moment for me to watch you as a mommy and to watch my grandkids. They did so good and it was well beyond my expectations too. Your outfit was so cute and you looked great in it. In the chaos of the day and with all that excitement I forgot to tell you that your outfit was so perfectly coordinated. Loved every piece of it. The kids looked adorable too of course as always.To many more happy bayram's!

  5. Love it, love it, love it. This outfit is so funky cool.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Beautiful color combo, your bag is amazing !!!

  7. Love that look!!! Super cute blog!

  8. What fun pictures! And I love your look. You did a great job of re-creating it!


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