Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hi honey I'm home

 This was my outfit this morning going to my Dr's appointment. It was a bit heavy for the hot day but the office is always super cold so it worked. I shed some of these layers when I got home for the rest of the day...

The inspiration was from I think Tilly's Magazine:

I had to add a hat as I was not having a great hair day... ;)

Hat, Scarf - do not remember where I have acquired these... 
Tee, Boots, jeans - Forever 21
Belt, Purse - Q
Bracelet, Ring - Cookie Lee

Have been under the weather a little lately. We stayed home Friday to take it easy but then did some major grocery shopping to get ready for our upcoming 30 Day Detox!
My husband and I will be starting this on Monday. Following the program by Arbonne Cosmetics. The goal is to eliminate all the toxins and processed food from our diet and cleanse. No Alcohol, no caffeine, no dairy, no gluten and everything organic! I have to say it was quite an experience trying to find free range eggs/chicken and grass fed beef and wild fish. Organic veggies and fruit was not difficult but everything was definitely more expansive. There is no dairy but the shakes we'll make in the morning will involve milk. I bought every kind of milk we are allowed to see what we like better. So our fridge is now filled with coconut, rice and almond milk. Lets see... I am looking forward to it though. Lately I have been going a bit nuts on caffeine and it is going to be hardest thing for me to give up. The program does come with these all natural energy frizz drinks so lets see if they work.

Friday night my kids spent the night at my mom and stepdad's while my husband left for his tennis tournament. It was so odd being in the house all by myself but good odd. I was happy to have the kids back after I got back from the Dr's. We just all hung out at the house.


  1. Great outfit! Loving the girly floral scarf paired with some of the tougher edgier things like your boots and purse. Heather

  2. love the scarf! Gorgeous!


  3. looking good mama! love you with bangs! xo

  4. Love the scarf and the stripes!

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  6. I really love this look and all the accessories! :)


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