Monday, September 10, 2012

Make a Statement

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by this old magazine photo I had saved:

This photo reminded me of my very old strapless hot pink dress and the idea of wearing it with some chunky statement necklaces...

Layered 3 necklaces:

Black and white mini wedges were perfect...

Dress - BCBG
Cardigan - Newport News I think...
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Blue and Coral necklaces - Thread Show (from different years)
Pink beaded necklace - from Turkey

I decided to extend my 
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The kids started Turkish School Sunday morning. Re-uniting with their friends from last spring the kids had a great time. Then we came home for lunch and a swim with Daddy before heading to my mom's for a BBQ. Before that though I worked super hard at home doing 3 loads of laundry and cooking some small meals to eat for lunch and side dishes for dinners etc... With so many people at our house the food in the fridge disappears fast!


  1. Love the bright colors and fun shoes!

    Sounds like you guys are keeping busy, but having fun. :)

  2. Beautiful outfit!! You look so glamorous. Thanks for coming to say hello at my blog.

  3. WOW awesome outfit! a real deal statement! Love your necklace so much!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  4. Yowsa! Sometimes I worry my outfits are too bold, but then I see what you construct and realize there's plenty of room to play in!

    I never thought of wearing multiple necklaces and like the idea.

  5. Wow! What gorgeous necklaces! Love them!


  6. nice pictures! and nice blog!
    i am following you? follow me if you want!

  7. I love this outfit! so colorful and definitely makes a statement with that huge layered necklace bundle. Juliet is definitely diva in training!! You managed your household so good all these weeks with the kids starting school. I am very proud of you and Jon was as patient as he can be. Thank you both so much for accommodating the whole family.


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