Saturday, December 1, 2012

Looking at your big brown Eyes

 Today's outfit came out so much cuter than I had thought...
Initially I bought these pieces to put together the inspiration outfit below:
But I had already sold the polka dot scarf featured above so instead I added my fuzzy animal print beret that I bought from F21 months ago. It was perfect!

I love how the vest dyed in this 'cognac' color gives it suede like look:

I searched high and low for cuff boots this season with absolutely no luck. One day while at the outdoor class I saw these from gilt's sale and bought them right away. Exactly what I wanted and such a wearable low heel too. But when they came in the box I thought my legs were going to swim in them but since the widest part hits right at my knees it actually looks OK and makes my legs look thicker which I love.

Vest - 'Angie' in cognac by kikaPaprika 
Top - 'Julia' in black by kikaPaprika
Skirt - 'Simone' in black by kikaPaprika
Hat, necklace - Forever 21
Boots - Pour La Victoria

Went to my first vendor bazaar today at a hotel. It was fun but clothes are very hard to sell at these types of events. People were just not looking at the rack but did sell accessories at least.
While I was working my hubby took the kids to buy their xmas tree with my step dad. Our tradition is kids get to pick a fresh mini tree that they decorate with their ornaments in the family room and we get to have the fancy (fake) tree in the living room.  But this time I guess they picked a full size tree so now it looks a bit pretentious with having two full sized trees in our house. They were so happy though. I self consult myself over and over to not get involved and let them hang their ornaments exactly where they want. WHich is completely grouped together exactly at their eye level.

Then we went to a BBQ at our friend's house!

 The husbands around the fire pit...

Boys playing a video game after dinner...


  1. Super cute look! Gotta love black,brown and leopard. The kids did a great job decorating the tree :)

  2. Nice hat!

  3. Love the look! I also have a hit or miss time at events. Some it is just about getting leads and people interested in the line to have a show. Others like I had today at someone's home I sold $700 in clothing!

  4. I love the black and cognac color combo. Have a wonderful week!

  5. lovely hat and knee high boots!
    thanks for the love hon, I'm following you on now!

  6. that's a great outfit! and its really similar to the inspiration one! your kids are adorable!


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