Monday, March 25, 2013

On a magic carpet ride

 This was my outfit on Sunday. I am behind again in posts....
The inspiration was from a piperlime Ad in Lucky's March 2013 issue:

 It was a cute combination of yellow sweater and blue heels with a bright necklace...

 The colors of this necklace is so pretty....

Sweater - Victoria's Secret
Jeans - H&M
Heels - Zappos
Necklace - Babule Bar
Bracelets - J Crew

We had a super crazy busy day as I guess we usually do. Met my mom and the kids at the Turkish school in the morning and from there we went out to lunch with my sis than had my daughter try out flower girl dresses. She was in heaven of course at the bridal store. Felt bad for all the brides in our section as she stole all the attention and admiration from everyone around her. She insisted on getting on the podium with each dress and twirled and posed like she was born to do this.

We then had my son fitted for a suit as he is going to be ring bearer but he was less than enthusiastic about the process unlike lil sis...

Then it was rushing to meet the whole family for a super fun birthday dinner celebration for my little nephew who turned 2 already!

We also celebrated my incredibly smart brother getting accepted to Harvard Master's program!

The cutest photo ever!


  1. Love the pop of that blue and yellow.

    Sounds like you have been very busy! Great photos. :)

  2. Ne güzel ayakkabılar öyle onlar bayıldım :) Bir de kolyene.


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