Monday, March 18, 2013

Who is Wearing Kika? - Meet Samantha again

In this week's 'Who is Wearing Kika?' edition we meet Samantha once again...
She had modeled with my lil sis and Crystal last season and came back again this season...

Samantha loves to try on new and different combinations and play with classics like black and white and bright colors. We had a blast during the photo shoot trying on different poses...

You will also see how we built outfits using one ore more pieces from the previous combination or switching up one garment or accessories....
When you build a wardrobe with kika clothes the possibilities are endless....
 This is perfect spring combination. With the corset belt and cork wedges the look is right on trend.

'Pippa' top in stripe by kikaPaprika - $50
'Brit' in ocean by kikaPaprika - $75
Necklace - $20
Belt - $20
Wedges - mine from shoedazzle

We simply took off the belt and chunky necklace and swapped the wedges for flat sandals for a more laid back look....

This one came out so adorable with the jacket buttoned up and the fedora hat and booties. The kika coats have the look of structured coats but can be worn like cardigans. 
'Sami' jacket in black by kikaPaprika - $150
'Brit' skirt in ocean by kikaPaprika - $75
Fedora - $25

 Here wanted to combine hot pink and orange and anchor it with steel gray. The scarf helped pull it all together...

'Becky' vest in tangerine by kikaPaprika - $78
'Loren' ruffle front top in peony by kikaPaprika - $65
'bird' scarf - $28
Twill Capri pants in steel by kikaPaprika - 88
Necklace - $15
Shoes - model's own

 Wanted to show how two simple pieces can create a dramatic and perfect LBD look. The 'Julia' top is just so versatile and flattering and when paired with the mini skirt creates a striking combination. And yet so much more comfortable then a tailored tight dress....

Samantha looked gorgeous in this combination.
'Julia' top in black by kikaPaprika - $65
'Elle' skirt in black by kikaPaprika - $60
Necklaces by Cookie Lee - $32 each
Shoes - mine (Aldo)

 We simply added the bold hot pink jacket and a scarf on top of the previous outfit to create this combo. 
Love the 'all legs' look of this pose!

'Natalie' jacket in peony by kikaPaprika - 135
Scarf by kikaPaprika - $28
'Julia' top in black by kikaPaprika - $65
'Elle' skirt in black by kikaPaprika - $60
Shoes - mine (Aldo)

And now we took off the scarf and added a long charm necklace for a slightly different version of the same outfit...

'Natalie' jacket in peony by kikaPaprika - 135
'Julia' top in black by kikaPaprika - $65
'Elle' skirt in black by kikaPaprika - $60
Necklace by Cookie Lee - $25
Shoes - mine (Aldo)

 We swapped the long sleeve top for a black tank than added this convertible cardigan on top for a classic black and white look. Of course I had to add a pop of gold/mustard with the accessories to make it a bit more interesting... 

Samantha called this 'The Kardashian' look.....

'Leslie' cardigan in white by kikaPaprika - $68
'Drew' tank in black by kikaPaprika - $40
'Elle' skirt in black by kikaPaprika - $60
Earrings - $15
Necklace - mine from Bauble Bar
Purse - mine from Charming Charlie's
Shoes - mine from Shoedazzle

OUTFIT #6 Casual
To make the outfit above casual we took off the bold accessories and opened up the cardigan and added flat sandals. The fun black and white polka dot necklace/ earrings set still keep things interesting...

 Wanted to show how your favorite kika pieces can be combined with jeans. The minty tweed jacket is just the right trend for this season paired with a simple white tank and skinny dark rinse jeans. Silver and pearl necklace and sky high platforms added the 'chic' factor...
'Carly' jacket in ocean tweed by kikaPaprika - $135
'Drew' tank in white by kikaPaprika - $40
Necklace - $20
Shoes - Charlotte Russe

 This was another surprise combo that came out so cute and cozy. You can even see the coziness and the softness of the pieces from the photos, right? 
And the bold 'kiwi' color just pops over white and goes great with the brown shoes...
'Milly' cardigan in kiwi by kikaPaprika - $115
'Drew' tank in white by kikaPaprika - $40
Necklace by Cookie Lee - $32
Wedges - mine from Shoedazzle

 This understated print just looked perfect on jeans and the white necklace created a great contrast against it. The tank is soft and giving and the outfit combination that can be created with it are endless it seems...
'Vera' tank in marble print by kikaPaprika - $66
Necklace - $20



  1. She looks absolutely gorgeous in every Kika clothing and they definately hire her for their model and pay her a lot!!!! My favorite is the mint jacket with dark jeans:) Limited edition jacket so we need to hurry and buy if we want to have this fabulous look. Daphne you should also be credited for the photography you have been displaying and making everything look amazing!

  2. She looks great in everything! LOVE the twill pieces you have, I think I'm going to need the Brit in Aqua now!

  3. Amazing! I love all of these outfits especially the bright colours. My favourite is outfit number 1.


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