Thursday, July 4, 2013

July Plays

 Totally behind this weekend. This was my outfit yesterday (Wednesday)....

The inspiration from May 2011 issue of In Style Magazine... I know really old but I have been saving it cause I bought this jumper and wore it a few times so topping it over a striped tank was another remix idea....

Jumper - Guess
Tank, oxfords, necklaces - Forever 21
Purse - Target
Sunglasses - Karen Walker


The inspiration for this outfit was from Spring catalog of Anthropologie catalog:

I think this top is so cute but the cut is a bit challenging to wear as it can make you look very large in the midsection. 
Top, Pants - Forever 21
Sandals - From Turkey

Tuesday was outdoor class.
Wednesday we went to Jr. Theater to see the play 'Dr. DoLittle'. The kids were brilliant in the play the oldest one being 16 and the youngest actors were 8 years old. They even used a british and Irish accent. Unfortunately the accent went over our kids heads a bit but they still managed to watch the entire 2 hour play. Afterwards a few of us stayed in the area to ride the zoo train then had our huge group of boys play on the grass a game of tackle that was very hard for us mommies to watch but it comes with the territory of having sons.

After the play we stayed in the area as my daughter started ballet classes in the same park. Then I met my husband to give the kids to him and met my friends for happy hour and a play. It was quite a day filled with theater!

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