Monday, July 15, 2013

Wedding Bells

I know you have all been anxiously waiting to see wedding photos so here they are.
I so wish I had more photos of my sister who looked like an absolute princess in her gorgeous gown but we let the professional photographer take her photos so here are some un professional ones my friends and relatives have taken.....

All the bridesmaids are teary eyed.... watching the bride walk down....

You can see the gown best in this photo with my cousin and I....

The Groom - my brother-in-law

During my speech....

We danced the night away...


  1. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Love the colors! Everyone looks great! :)

  3. you both looked pretty in your dresses! love they was you styled your short hair for the occasion!
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  4. I love the red and turquoise together! you look beautiful and so does your sister! what a fabulous wedding!!!

  5. All the women in your family, from your daughter to your mom look gorgeous. Your sister's gown is beautiful, while you and your husband look newly wed ;-)


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