Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cool Water

 Today's quick combo was inspired by Anthropologie's catalog from I think couple years ago....

My sister had bought me this very gorgeous necklace scarf for mother's day that year!

Top - Forever 21
Scarf - Anthropologie
Pants - Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
Sneakers - Converses

Today was our library day which surprising the kids even my 6 year old truly looks forward to it. They love the story time that is followed by a song and their favorite part is the simple craft. My son totally gets into it taking his time with coloring and cutting. My daughter is more into the cutting part. :)
We the went to the grocery store and came home for lunch and a swim in our own pool.
In the afternoon took my son to meet the coach of swim team at the YMCA. He is still quite young as the youngest kids on the team are usually 7 but he has such potential that we wanted to get him tested and see where he is. He did great swimming close to 150 meters. He still has to perfect breast stroke and learn butterfly so we are going to continue with semi private lessons to get him ready.
It was such a rush watching him swim in that lonely huge pool lane. He is growing so fast.
Tonight my parents took the kids to Sea World to watch the fireworks...

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