Monday, August 26, 2013


 Today's mint and red combo was inspired by Anthropologie's summer catalog:

 I love this silk zip up jacket. So lux looking, one of those hard to believe it is from F21 pieces....

Jacket and Tee - Forever 21
Shorts - J Crew
Sneakers - Converses
Necklaces - From Turkey
Sunglasses - my mom found them in LA

Finally made it to the indoor play area we haven't been all summer so I can work on my job search with a slightly less chaotic environment. Then we went to Kohl's to order my son's backpack which has turned into a major project when he rejected all the star wars backpacks I found him, including the pottery barn ones which were my favorite. Finally found one at Kohl's but they were out so had to order it from the store.  Then we hit the grocery store then to my Dad's to pick him and bring him home with us.
The kids watched Ratatouille again over the weekend and asked that we make the dish just like in the movie. So I looked up the internet and we shopped for the ingredients and attempted to make it when we got home.  The steps were simple but cumbersome as it takes forever to line up the thin slices especially with two little helpers. But the dish did taste pretty amazing and the kids ate their veggies. I might make this for a potluck party or a dinner party as it looks very pretty too....

This was the recipe we followed....


  1. nice look <3

    love the outer

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. What a fun outfit! I really kind of love mint and red together too.

  3. I was so close to buying that jacket at Forever21! It's great :-)


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