Friday, August 16, 2013

Salt and Straw

 This was my outfit yesterday, on the road to Portland as well as sightseeing during the day...

Here was my inspiration (I can't remember where I saved this from):

I was originally going to wear my aqua converses with this outfit and add a yellow cap but I was trying to downsize my packing to fit i a carry on so converted it like this.....

Top, Tank, Denim Shirt - Forever 21
Leggings - H&M
Backpack & Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Necklaces - Cookie Lee & Vintage

Our flight to portland was eventless and we arrived at the very green and quiet city by 11:15 AM.
Public transportation is great here so we bought day passes for $5 each and took the light rail right to downtown where our hotel is. And we got lucky again and our room was ready to be checked in so we could drop off our bags and start exploring. My friend is world traveler and has been to Portland a few times before. She was on a mission to find this famous food pod that had re-located. Unfortunately the new location was in a what I felt very shady part of town so not only it was difficult to find but the streets we searched were definitely ghetto. I had to put away my SLR camera with the fear that it would attract too much attention and took some photos with my smaller one. Except I didn't bring the cord for that camera so those won't come out till I get back.
We finally found the food pod and ordered our 'big ass sandwiches' and I paired mine with a coke in a glass bottle. It was delicious.

We then got out of that neighborhood and jumped on the street car to go to the Alberta region. This area was super cute. Everything was on one street so we walked it up and down. Had the most delicious ice creams in the Salt and Straw and tried some local brews at a pub and even shopped for cute gifts for the kids.
I will have to copy and paste this write up and post those photos next week.....

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