Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little minds achieve great things

 Yesterday's combo was inspired by this photo of Jennifer Aniston at the airport...

I have a military style navy blazer as well but I wanted to be comfy today so wore my army green cotton one instead so then wore a burgundy tank underneath for contrast....

I really hope the 'ouchy's' on my hand heels soon...

Jacket - Romeo and Juliet
Tank - Target
Jeans - Newport News
Sneakers - Superga
Earrings - Thread Show
Bracelets - Cookie Lee
Watch - Michael Kors

Went to my son's school yesterday morning to attend his class 'family math day'. They do this for all the grades (on different days) so parents can come into the class for an hour to play math games with with their kids to see what they are working on etc...
Unfortunately though not all parents can make it so we had to partner with another classmate of his which meant they played all the games and I watched... Gave me an opportunity to take photos though.

Afterwards, I stopped home to clean-up a bit then went to my mom's to pick up my daughter and go to the outdoor class an hour late. The weather was back to summer so she got to play in the park in gorgeous weather. Then we went to the indoor place so I can search for jobs while she continued to play and even did open gym for half hour.
We picked up my son from school and went home for homework and dinner. My dad and aunt came over for dinner so that was nice...

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