Thursday, November 14, 2013

Neutral Territory

I wasn't sure if I was going to go out tonight so decided to wear a worthy outfit during the day too. It has been so hot during the days, totally summer. But in the mornings and late afternoon it is totally fall. So hard for me to dress for summer in the morning when it is so chilly. So going with boots and sleeveless is the most I could bare.  This inspiration from Jennifer Aniston's travel get-up was great:

 I love this mix of taupe, tan and white and brown. And I rarely utilize this sleeveless sweater vest so happy to find a combo for it...

 Vest, Tank Top, Jeans, necklace - Forever 21
Boots - Madden Girl
Earrings - Cookie Lee
Purse - Dior

Oh my goodness it was just insane today. I drove around so much that I lost track. I had so much to do at home so normally I would stay out and do the activities in the most time and location efficient manner. But since I wanted to come back home after each event it was soooo much driving around. I drove to and back from downtown 3 times today. First was for the ballet class in the morning. Then we came home so I could shower and cook lunch and clean up the house. Then second time for my dentist appt. Which required setting up a corner in that cramped dentist room for her to play on her i-pad and color. The ladies got a huge kick out of her asking 'how do you spell you-tube?' 
She loves watching music videos on you tube. Yes, she is only 4.5 years old! After the dentist we came home again so I could cook dinner this time and pay the bills. Then picked up my son and came back home again so I could take out the dinner form the oven and help my son with his homework and feed them snacks. Then we went to our soccer/tennis combo which is at the same time but in two different locations that are close but still driving distance apart. So I drop off my son at tennis then go drop off my daughter then go back to my son and pull him out early then go pick up my daughter. Makes me dizzy.  Thank goodness it is the last soccer practice so it won't be this crazy anymore. Although my daughter is already asking to enroll in gymnastics or acting. 
Anyway, after that we came home for the last time and I gave the kids a much needed shower. My mom came over with dinner for them and took over while I got ready. My cousin came over and we had the dinner I cooked then went out to meet the girls at another promotional event that had free drinks and food. Got to love these events. That outfit will be posted tomorrow. :)

 She wanted to pose with me…. This is after ballet before dentist. 
 Her pose….

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  1. ooo, I really want a pair of white distressed jeans - those are perfect!


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