Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Don't let the sun go down

Tonight's outfit was inspired by J Crew's October 2013 catalog:

I scored this (real) leather top on an ultimate clearance at Nordstrom's rack and fell in love with it. It is stretchy cotton in the back so totally wearable. I loved the idea of topping it over a denim shirt and skinny jeans and metallic heels with a statement necklace.

 Leather Top - Nordstrom's Rack
Denim Shirt, Jeans - Forever 21
Necklace - J Crew
Metallic Wedges - Guess

My mom had my daughter and my son was at school so I had a good portion of the day to get the house in order laundry done and put away and most importantly wrap xmas presents while no kids were in the house. That took a lot longer than I anticipated but I did get it done. Then ran very quickly and got my nails done which was heaven without any kids with me. Then it was a sprint of grocery shopping and then picking up my son and trying to fit in homework and his snowman art project. Then the whole family was there and the kids were having a blast with their little cousin and family members.

My mom was dressed so cool last night but she didn't want a solo photo so here she is posing with me:

My son's snowman project which we did very quickly with his grandpa's help...

 Reading the story of nutcracker once again….

 Playing with aunt and uncle in my son's room….

Opening gifts...


  1. This is your coolest outfit till date.
    Absolutely love your daughter dress/coat as well.

    Btw, I've moved my blog to

  2. I love your burgundy top and Chanel shoes. your face looks like and angel at all the photos and reminds me your childhood:)
    It was a very fun night with all the kids and thanks for hosting babe.
    it is a lot on your plate for holidays but you are putting it together with stylish outfits!!!!

  3. Your top is gorgeous...glad you found it at a steal price. I love how you paired the whole outfit. Thank you for stopping by :)



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