Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tonight you're perfect

 My outfit for Christmas Eve…

My daughter and I bought this bright pink tinsel tree today at big lots clearance for $10. I really wanted a white but they were all out. I love the pink tree….

My friend from shybiker blog has sent me this gorgeous purple heel ornament as a xmas gift this year. Since we didn't have a tree up there was no place to put it until we bought the pink tree tonight. It totally belongs on this tree…..

Jacket, Dress, Heels & Headband - Forever 21
Necklace - Mom brought this from Turkey
Earrings - Cookie Lee

We spent the day today running a few errands and grocery shopping which was an absolute zoo but we got lucky with a great front of the store parking spot. We even fitted in a quick haircut for my son before the holiday which was great.
Then we came home and wrapped a few more later arrival gifts and got everyone showered and dressed for Christmas Eve at my mom and step dad's house.

They had a great table and feast set-up and invited our friends over too so my daughter had a friend.
We stayed until kids' bed time then came home. My daughter fell a sleep but my son wouldn't miss putting out the treats for Santa. We like to be different and put out something juicy and citrusy to off set all the cookies he gets. Tonight we put a peeled halo orange and a ginger snap cookie and some OJ. For the reindeers some celery….

 Got this headband for her at the hair cut place today. It matches her dress perfectly and so cute and unique...

They never stopped talking during dinner….

The fashion show started right after dinner….

My dad was with us part of the night as well but he was in too much pain to last the night so he is sleeping at our house gaining energy for tomorrow….



  1. You look lovely! Very youthful dress. The ornament looks terrific on the pink tree.


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