Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Earthy Cool

 Today's outfit came out so much cuter than I anticipated.  The inspiration was quite old from July 2011 issue of People Style Watch:
 I added my mint sweater to give that see thru effect and it worked great. And also the aztec print colorful sandals I thought added some color...

 Too bad this outfit only stayed on me for half the day I really liked it....
Hat, Sweater - Forever 21
Skirt - Thread Sence
Sandals - TJ Maxx
Necklaces - gifts from family and friends....

It was a crazy day and lots of stress. Started with pre-school, then picking up my son, worrying about my Dad, fit in a workout at home (hence the outfit change) and got the house ready then swim classes, then bought dinner, visited Dad took the kids home and hosted a 'skinny wrap' party by Arbonne. :)
The party was fun we all wrapped a body part we could use to loose a few inches and sat with the wrap and sipped detox teas. Some lost up to inches and I lost half an inch. Tomorrow we are suppose to loose even more. Isn't that so cool?


  1. Cute outfit. I never think to put a sweater over a dress. Love the shoes.

  2. Love this outfit. I never think to put a sweater over a dress. Noun shoes.

  3. I love the smiling pics of you - 1st shot :)

  4. Love this look! The hat really suits you. :)

  5. Love the dress and the sandals. Lovely picture on the stairs:) Also love your make up, you are getting better!

  6. I love the outfit, you look gorgeous in these colours! That mint mesh top is so pretty. xx/Madison


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