Sunday, May 11, 2014

Peplum Perfect

 Here is my outfit to dinner our 2nd night in Hawaii…
I found this pretty peplum top at Anthropologie's clearance rack one day a few months ago. I loved that the neck was a sweetheart opening instead of the high neck that seems to cut me off. And the peplum is flat right on the tummy...

Top - Anthropologie
Skirt - Forever 21
Heels - Seychelles
Necklace - Thread Show

We remained on our time zone so going to bed 9 PM local time and waking up unfortunately due to our early riser kids around 6:30 AM…
My husband is taking my son downstairs to do school work for the week he is missing early in the morning so he is done by the time the whole group is up and ready. We have breakfasts included in our package so as a group went to the cafe for that then toured the kids club (called Auntie's House) and registered the kids.  Checked them in for hula dancing lessons in the morning while my girlfriend and I did the full body circuit workout on the beach provided by the resort. I was doing great all the way to the end but eating all that starch at breakfast and the sun and the heat caught up to me and I wasn't feeling so hot. Recovered though and picked up the kids and got them in swim suits and spent the day by the pool trying out the slides and the lazy river.
Had lunch at a pool side cafe and they had a huge disney pool party with all sorts of dancing and pool games for the kids.
Afterwards we checked in the kids to the club for canoe racing, eruption disruption and dinner!
While we went out to a nice dinner ourselves.
Then picked them up and settled in on the lawn for a movie night to watch Pocahontas but the group was wiped out and half of them fell a sleep!
Another early night for all of us!

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  1. WOW Daphne what gorgeous photos from your vacation. So fun and cheerful and happy. Exactly like your outfit. I am in love with the shoes, necklace and top.

    <3 Ada.


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