Thursday, August 28, 2014

Order among Chaos

First post since I have been back to the States.

This was an inspiration from People Style Watch June 2014 issue:

Top - Forever 21
Pants - BCBG (I think. Can't remember now)
Sneakers - Superga
Necklace - Cookie Lee

Well, it is as crazy as it can be. Besides the 6 suitcases I needed to unpack there is all sorts of things going on at the house. My husband surprised us with huge projects he undertook while we are gone around the house. Some are finished but some are not and therefore many more projects are still in the works. Of course being the organization freak that I am, I couldn't just unpack. Everything I wanted to put back I decided to organize the area first. So starting with kids closets of weeding out clothes that are too small or old then continuing to my make-up drawer and vanity it was never ending so much that I had to stop myself to continue these cleansing projects when the kids start school next week.
I am going to declare September my organization month and get the whole house in order! :)

On Tuesday though we had to leave and do a trial class for my daughter so I can sign her up for Fall Rhythmic Gymnastics class and Ballet.

Then on Wednesday had to leave early in the morning for my dr appointment followed by hair appointment, stopping at target to by gymnastics and soccer clothes then to my friend's house to meet her darling newborn twin girls where my daughter had a major problem and had to be cleaned up followed by going to their school for 'sign-up' day and coming home exhausted!


  1. Sounds like your life is busy!

    Love the outfit. Great color on top and cute pants beneath. You look as stylish as ever.

  2. haha...i know the feeling of having to organize as you unpack! good luck with all the tasks, and hope you get settled quickly.



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