Monday, October 6, 2014


 Sunday night's outfit hitting to town with friends to celebrate a birthday with a fun concert….

The inspiration was June 2012 issue of People Stylewatch:

Jacket, Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Bebe
Booties - Juicy Couture
Earrings - H&M

We spent morning at the park watching my son play flag football with his friends organize by one of his friends' dad. It was his dream come true as he only asks me every other day to sign him for football which I refuse due to injury and I just don't think he will ever have the body type etc… He watches every televised game religiously and just loves the sport so playing with friends that share the same love was quite fun….

My friend arranged for all of us to go downtown for happy hour and a concert to celebrate her birthday…
We piled up in her mini van and had an amazing time…
The singer was from Norway: Sondre Lerche…


  1. I find shorts on women to be incredibly stylish. These are no exception. You look great, especially when pairing them with such trendy booties. A perfect look.

    When I was growing up, my father forbid me from playing tackle football because of concern for injury. I didn't like his decision at the time but I agree with him now. The sport is too dangerous. A local high school football-player died this month here in New York from an average head-tackle and that's not an isolated event. My father steered me toward soccer instead (which is dangerous enough -- I hurt my knee once really bad) which gave me a sport to play during football season.

  2. your son looks great out there. i never really considered football either because of the dangers, but my son's best friend in preschool (in PRESCHOOL, lol!!) invited him to play flag we gave it a try for two seasons. my son isn't athletic at all and thought it was too much work, haha!
    LOVE this outfit!! a white blazer is so fresh.


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