Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Witch's Brew

My Halloween colored outfit today was enhanced by these photos from pintrest I think….

I used the pieces of the bottom photo and the colors of the top photo to create this outfit: 

 I am loving this three tiered cookie lee necklace I got recently….

For the party I was going for my daughter needed to wear a witch hat and got this at Vons yesterday when I was buying pumpkins….

Jacket - Kika Paprika
Tank - Alloy's
Skirt - Threadsence
Sandals - J Crew
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Hat - Vons

I didn't really wear an outfit on Sunday but we had a fun day attending the Harvest Festival at the elementary school farmer's market then the family came over to carve pumpkins and have dinner together….

 I tried to carve this Elsa design on the pumpkin for my daughter. I need to work on the face more to create more openings for the light to come thru….

Started working out so lets see how it goes and if I can keep it up. I am thinking the goal would be 3 to 4 times a week to keep it realistic.
In the afternoon with the help of my mom and stepdad was able to do multiple events for the kids. My stepdad stayed with my son and took him swimming while I took my daughter to her friend's Witch Party at the park where my mom met me so I could leave them there and make it to my appointment…

Got to see them make their Witch's brew before I left though….

My friend who hosted the party has started a great company for kids birthday parties called:

My mom looked so awesome in this very quickly put together all pink witch costume!

Our Hosts:

 Don't forget to check out Cheerful Concepts for amazingly creative birthday party ideas….


  1. love the white thrown into the typical orange/black halloween outfit. love the fun party idea for the kids...the witches brew looks fun!

  2. Cute outfit. I love the design of the jacket.

  3. So fun! I love that orange jacket!


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