Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blues Traveler

 So, here is the out of order post… I already posted Saturday day and night outfits but this was from past Friday….
The inspiration I think was from Forever 21 where i saw the sweater:

I pared it with my scuba flared white skirt which is not as mini as hers with my flat tall boots…

Ivanka Trump made these boots to look so similar to the iconic Stuart Weizmann pair at a much more reasonable price. And I actually like the gold buckle in the back with these…

Sweater, Cuff - Forever 21
Skirt - Zara
Purse - Guess
Boots - Ivanka Trump
Earrings - Cookie Lee

We had a fun book club meeting Friday night discussing one of the best books we read this year called 'The Rosie Project'….


  1. at first glance, i did think those were the stuart weitzmans! i love those boots, too, but way too pricey for the amount of times i'd wear it here.

  2. always beautiful and elegant
    hoppe perfect time!!!


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