Sunday, February 15, 2015

At the Summit

 This was my outfit Wednesday as we headed to Big Bear for a ski/snowboard getaway!

The inspiration was from this photo in 2014 issue of People Style Watch:

 My mom and step dad bought me this cute hat for Christmas…

Sweater - Forever 21
Plaid Shirt - Gap
Denim Leggings - Guess
Hat - BCBG
Boots - Target

The kids and I joined our friends who have a cabin in Big Bear for a day in the snow…
Signed up the kids for ski/snowboard classes half the day while we skied and snowboarded. Then picked them up, had lunch and hit the slopes with them. The weird thing is I am a skier while my kids took snowboarding lessons and my friends are snow boarders and their kids took skiing lessons.
At the end of the day the kids were taking the chair lift on their own and coming down the green slopes on their own!

 First practice at the magic carpet bunny slope….

They they were ready for the green slope riding the real chair lift….

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