Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Baby Girl

This 60s inspired look was from January 2015 issue of In Style:

 The oxfords under this outfit was definitely pushing my comfort level so I decided to add the 60s style cat eye sunglasses to even further take the outfit but it was fine cause we went to a 60s diner for my daughter's b-day….

Jacket, Necklace, Socs - Forever 21
Tee - H&M
Skirt - Shop Ruche
Oxfords - Bass
Sunglasses - Vogue

It was my daughter's 6th Birthday on Tuesday! Surprised her in the morning with a birthday girl t-shirt and a huge Anna/Elsa Balloon in her room.
I managed to fit in a bootcamp workout and a haircut to my morning which was super rushed and crazy busy. Then managed to get to her school in time for their afternoon recess….
At school during recess took her a b-day bag filled with small treasures and the whole class sang her happy birthday song. I stayed with class to volunteer then took them home. We skipped her gymnastics instead met up with the family at Corvette's diner playing video games in the game room.
She opened her gifts from the family. My parents and sister went all out buying her so many things including an American Girl Doll with all sorts of clothes and furniture for the doll 'Grace'.
She was in heaven….

All this bedding was hand made by my mom!

Oh, and this was my outfit on Monday. I wasn't crazy about it and had no make-up on so it wasn't worthy of a post of its own… :)

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