Sunday, March 15, 2015

Turn the River

Saturday night's outfit was inspired by this pintrest:
Not too dressy given the distressed jeans, but dressed up with the blazer and glamed up with the metallic heels...

Blazer - Forever 21
Jeans, Tee - J Crew
Heels - Shoedazzle
Purse - 1836
Belt - Target (I think)…

It was a crazy day starting with Ariel Yoga with my sister which was so cool. I got home and got ready with the kids and took them to get their hair cut. Which took an unexpected turn and our day was derailed for the afternoon but still managed to make to my son's game with team snacks ready.
After the game rushed home in a tizzy as my mom came to help put the kids to bed as my husband is on crutches and I left with my friend for a night of poker!

I have played may be a few times in my life so had to learn the rules again but kept asking questions each hand and analyzed my moves and picked up pretty quickly. Started to win mid game (hence the photo) but when they up'd the minimum bet it started going south and at the end I was not one of the winners. It was a super fun night though…


  1. I need some distressed BF and yours fit you so well, Daphnee. I also need some silver metallic pumps. I love your pumps and graphic tee. =)


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