Monday, April 6, 2015

These things are fun and fun is good

Easter Weekend outfit #1, worn on Saturday for our local rec center egg hunt and lunch with friends followed by a concert/birthday party in the afternoon…
Now you know why I am so behind in posts….

Inspired by an ad in Bloomingdale's current catalog:

Now the dress has made its debut I am on a roll creating slightly different looks with it.
This time I belted it and added gladiator sandals and a panama hat and the red suede fringed purse for pop of color….

Dress - from Turkey (Moda)
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Bracelet set - Shop Ruche
Sandals - Victoria's Secret (4 years ago!)
Hat - from a Drug Store !!!!
Purse - Thread Show

What a crazy busy day but full of fun…
First it was rec center egg hunt followed by lunch with friends.
Then went to a very unique 6th year old birthday party at a camp site with a rock concert tribute to David Bowie. Couldn't stay for the late concert though as my daughter's tummy started hurting, probably from all the activities and the candy…

Afternoon Birthday Party


  1. love the dress...look forward to seeing more looks. i have yet to attend one of those community egg hunts! looks like so much fun for the kids.

  2. Some crazy colorful pictures with a beautiful outfit and gladiator sandals! You seriously do not need to get an inspiration from anyone or any photo. If anything. you are an inspiration for all the young moms out there. As your daughter stated the other day "my moms knows her fashion doesn't she?" when I complemented on her clothes which you lay ed out for her to wear the next day:)


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