Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Girl Is Mine

Sunday's outfit was inspired by this look from Nordstrom's 'Outfit' section:
 I like checking that section of their site cause they usually have practical casual outfits I can easily apply to my wardrobe and lifestyle….

Denim Jacket - Vintage
Tee - J Crew
Pants and heels - Boden USA
Sunglasses - Forever 21

Took my daughter to one of her best friend's birthday party at a ceramic cafe where they painted little statues. Most kids picked the little ducklings to paint.
My son went to an All Star baseball tryout practice where the coaches watched and evaluated the players to decide who they want to recruit for the all star team. He is nominated but we won't know if he actually makes it…

She added pink chalk to the ends of her blonde hair all her idea…. Looked so cool. I want do it one day too...

I can't help share couple of the poses she gave me when I was taking her photos. She is such a natural and loves posing in front of the camera…

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