Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Diamonds in the sky

My outfit Monday night to dinner in Alexandria, VA….

Top and Skirt - J Crew
Sandals - C Wonder


T-shirt - J Crew
Shorts - from a beach boutique
Hat - Sole Society
Sandals - C Wonder

The outfits above were both worn on Monday….
I didn't do any outfit shots on the previous days although there are plenty of vacation photos…

We traveled to Boston, MA on Friday then drove to Sturbridge, MA. The next day (Saturday) was the big family re-union for my mother in-law's side of the family to celebrate her Aunt's 90th Birthday.

My husbands sister and her family came as well so the kids were very happy to be with their cousins although we are going to spend more time with them later in the week.

Recognize the actor TJ from the T.V. series 'Bones'???
He is my husband's cousin or uncle (not sure which)...

See Here:

I was told meeting in halls like this is a common way to gather in the East Coast. My son was appalled that they wouldn't be on a grassy lawn until he realized the heat and how you don't want to be outside...

Later we hung out with my in-laws….

 Having fun with Grandpa...

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