Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blue Moon

 My outfit the horse races Friday afternoon…
Pairing my 15+ year old Versace tee with a skort and neon pink sandals. Very bright I know...

The zippers are actually real and a bit odd to adjust but very interesting I always felt...

Tee - Versace
Skirt - J Crew Factory
Purse and Sandals - Kate Spade

Went to a beach playdate early as we had to leave early in the afternoon. But even at 10:30 am on a weekday parking was impossible and had to pay a ridiculous amount to park in the beach lot after circling for 20 minutes and giving up.
The beach was nice but the sand was this supreme fine sand that turns black and sticks like a film on skin and won't come off with water unless you rub like crazy. Not sure if we'll visit that beach again given the parking and sand condition.
Had a big turn out again with 7 of my friends showing up with their respective 2 children. Kids were a bit upset about leaving early and but the prospect of spending the night at grandperents house got them motivated.
Had to rush like crazy when we got home to shower them and myself and wash up all the sandy beach gear and emptying the lunch coolers and then getting ready myself but managed to leave the house drop the kids off at my mom's then go to my friend's house to catch an uber ride from there to the races to meet the others…
It was a Blue Moon event so we had signed up for so we got in for free had a free beer and my friend owns a box at the races so had amazing seats as well..
There was a concert after which we stayed for like a minute then drove to a local bar/restaurant for late night dining and drinks…
Great Night….


  1. zippers make great details! glad to see that you're still busy!!

  2. The colors of this outfit are incredibly beautiful. I've never seen zippers placed like that on a top. Glad you had a fun outing. Summer is meant for days like this.


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