Monday, September 21, 2015

Sheer Genius

My outfit for a family dinner to celebrate my past birthday was inspired by a look in August 2015 issue of In Style Magazine...
 I loved this skirt when I bought it last summer in Turkey but to be honest it has been a challenge to create outfits with. I only wore it once with a neon striped tank and sneakers but since then couldn't find the right combo. The inspiration with a denim top skirt and gold fringe reminded me of my skirt so created this… I think it worked….

Earrings are a xmas gift from my lil sis...

This cork clutch was a bday gift from my best friend. She always find the most unique gifts for me...

Top - H&M
Skirt, Bracelet - From Turkey (Koton)
Wedges - Target
Earrings - J Crew

Well my sister and my mother and I are starting this new diet. We shall see how it goes…Two days before you start you actually 'load' up on high fatty foods while taking the prescribed drops. The logic is that fat cells only let go of fat when there is more fat coming. So you trick your body to think there is fat coming for 2 days and after you switch to a super low calorie no fat diet and when they try to shot down to hold on to fat the drops you have been taking stop them or something like that.
I hope it works cause I feel I actually gained a pound or two during the loading days!
To celebrate though we went to dinner and actually tried to choose a highest calorie entrée!


Love to hear your thoughts...