Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Last night's outfit was inspired by this 'look' from the Bloomingdale's website:

I don't wear these metallic tie dye jeans often but it went great with a silver knit tank and moto jacket…
I wore patent booties instead of heels during the day….

 Got this 3 tiered necklace at Santa Barbara when shopping on State St….

Jacket - Forever 21
Top - Charlotte Russe
Jeans - Rock Republic from Kohl's
Heels - J Crew

My son got sick over the weekend and had to stay home Monday and Tuesday. But Tuesday I had the parent teacher conferences so my mom was able to take him so he can rest at their house while I go meet their teachers.
THen his grandpa took him to his baseball team pizza party while I took my princess to ice skating…
Then it was this mass coordination of driving my daughter towards my husband's work instead of having him come to us so I can make it to my book club meeting in the same neighborhood.

We finished 'Orphan Train' and it was a heated discussion about the tragic life orphan children live and how in those rare success stories there is always one savior that changed the lives of these unfortunate children.
Next book we are going a bit lighter after 'All the light we can not see' and 'Orphan Train' but a debut novel from Elizabeth Egan 'A Window Opens'….

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