Monday, December 28, 2015

Be Jolly

My outfit Christmas Day... 

 Got this dress at Bebe. It is comfy and cozy and love the blush pink color…

I ordered 3 pairs of grey booties from Zappos and settled on these. I thought I would pick another pair that was lower and block shaped heel but the shoe was so uncomfortable. These even though they have high and skinny heels are actually quite comfy. The base has a hiking boot sole so I think that is what makes them so wearable. I had them on all day with no problems….

Dress - Bebe
Tights - Forever 21
Booties - Calvin Klein
Accessories - Cookie Lee

We had a very pleasant and low key Christmas this year.
Christmas eve was just the 4 of us. We finished our Star Wars marathon all week watching one movie a day and watched all 6 and Thursday we had tickets to the new movie. Thankfully I set next to my son and my hubby had to field my daughter's many many questions during the movie…
Afterwards, even though we were stuffed with candy and pop corn we stopped at 'Islands' for a light dinner before heading home. At home, I had a big 'Family Gift' to open which consisted of matching Mickey PJs for the whole family and a big board game (Jumbo Sequence). We put on our PJs and played the game and had a great time. After putting out cookies, orange and milk for Santa and celery and carrots for the Reindeers and reading 'The Night Before Christmas' we tucked the kids to bed….

Of course the kids got up way too early and jumped in our bed as planned. We cuddled for as long as we can hold them but then had to come down… They opened their one gift from Santa under their own tree and started to play with them right away… I had prepared a baked apple french toast the day before and we popped that in the oven put a pot of coffee and fried bacon which we never do usually.
The kids also opened their stocking gifts and after breakfast dove in the huge pile of gifts under the tree… To keep things moderately under control I gave them each a hamper basket so they can pile the gifts they got into those and we called time out every 10 minutes to collect all the paper and wrapping before continuing. It was so much fun and even though I wrapped pretty much every single gift I had forgotten what was in them so it was still a surprise for me too in a way…

Afterwards we got showered and dressed and my in law's and my parents joined us by the afternoon and we had the catered meal my parents picked up and then there was more gift opening of their presents and lots of football for the men…

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  1. What a wonderful holiday you had! And this family portrait is beautiful.

    I *love* your outfit. So pretty. The booties and matching tights are perfect. I've often admired the clothes in Bebe but never found any large enough to fit me. Their sizes stop at normal -- and I'm anything but!


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