Thursday, February 18, 2016

You Light Up My Life

Wednesday's inspiration was from J Crew's Feb 2014 Catalog:

 When all of a sudden our weather turned to summer hot, despite my milky white shorts I had to make a switch at least for one day… 

Jacket - Forever 21
Blouse and Shorts - J Crew
Sandals - Target
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Necklace, Earrings - Cookie Lee (Vivi)

I haven't been adding any write-up's lately cause my dressing has been sporodic and by the time I post the outfit I don't even remember which day I wore it and hence what I did that day. But this is recent just from yesterday…
After running errands I went to kids school early to attend my daughter's first girl scout's meeting. And accompanied them to their trip to the local Fire Station bearing girl scout cookies as gifts. The Fireman were so nice (and pretty good looking) and taught the kids all sorts of fire safety and had them tour the station and the engine. The girls had about a million questions and were so enthusiastic and lively…
After we got back we had to sit for hours for the school Talent Show dress Rehearsal for my daughter's turn to come and at the end missed their swim practice and got mexican take out for dinner and came home after a loooong day….

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