Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Feeling Good

 What I wore Monday as it was a holiday and took the kids to swim than a very long playdate at the rec center park where girls can play in the playground and roller blade and razor and the boys can play basketball and football...

Inspiration was from the H&M's Recent Catalog:

Cardigan, Shirt, Tank - H&M
Pants - Lulu Lemon
Sneakers - Superga

As I indicated last post started doing this 30 Day Challenge by Danette May last week. I am on day 9 today but was on day 7 when I wore this outfit.
I feel amazing.  My stomach totally flattened out (although you can't really tell in this outfit but I felt it trust me). The clothes are not cutting me around the waist and I am not dying to take off everything when I get home.
Most of all I reduced my caffaine intake by 80% which is allowing me to sleep depper and easier.
The workouts are very quick and short but challenging enough so it is all working out so far. Although it is a lot of grocery shopping and a lot of prep and cooking.
And I have to make additional meals for the kids and family so it is a lot of work for sure.

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