Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Spanish Galleon

 What I wore Wednesday...

Inspiration from Pinterest:

People always think they can't pull off these elaborate outfits for regular life but I seem to have no issues with it...
Yes, it does look dressy and different but in the core of the outfit is very comfy and practical. The fur lined shoes are pretty much slippers. The bottom is a jean. The top is a blouse with a sweatshirt...
Very basic. What makes it different is that each piece is no ordinary 'slipper', or 'jean' or blouse' or 'sweatshirt'... :)

And when we are at the ice rink, you add the animal print coat!

Coat - Forever 21
Blouse - J Crew
Sweatshirt - Ann Taylor
Jeans - Guess
Slippers - Make me Chic
Sunglasses - Gucci

My son's crazy 4th grade 'Spanish Galleon' project is finally finished after 2 weeks of major work primarily on my part...
It was a fun exhibition seeing all the other ships the other parents made as well...

This was our inspiration:

Here are some other kids ships:

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