Tuesday, April 18, 2017

So many books So little time

 What I wore last Thursday...

Inspiration from this J Crew Look:

Striped blazer with a graphic tee and light denim and silver heels...
Check and check and check... 

Blazer - TJ Maxx
Tee - J Crew
Jeans - H&M
Sandals - Shoedazzle
Sunglasses - Alexander McQueen

The day was filled with again crazy errands and housework followed by kid activities of swim and baseball. At the end hosted by book club which had an amazing turnout... We spent way too much time chatting and partially discussing the short book (84 Charing Cross Rd) and started watching the series we had planned to quite late. We had red 'Big Little Lies' by Lianne Moriarty a while back and have been taping the HBO miniseries so we could watch together. 
Besides changing the location from Australia to Monterey CA the casting was sooo perfect and we truly enjoyed watching it and remembering parts we had forgotten...

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