Friday, June 9, 2017

Chin up princess or the crown slips

 Starting another work week... Now that impressions have been made, I can start expressing my true style a bit more...
Mixing patterns and all...

Inspiration from Boden USA's Catalog from last fall:

These Silk pants are very old from J Crew but they never go out of style... Pairing them with the new trend top with ruffle sleeves and of course animal print calf hair flats...

Top, Pants, Earrings - J Crew
Flats - Sole Society
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

I try to relax on the weekends but knowing what is coming with a work week starting I tried to get ready with shower, hair, laundry, groceries etc...
Now I get up at 5:30 am with no alarm clock, hating life but getting up.
I pack lunch and snack and prep my breakfast to eat in the car... My treat when I get in the office is a nice cup of coffee after I log in which takes forever with various network firewalls and VPN tokens.
The hours fly by as I barely have time to keep up but I am in a groove now and keep on chugging.
And when I get off it is full mommy mode with kids and their activities. And I try, really really try to let go of the house which is according to my standars is a complete mess but I can only focus on priority items at this time... :)

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