Thursday, June 1, 2017

Court Ruling

 What I wore yesterday to work...

Inspired by one of the looks I had pulled up from Pinterest when I first got this tailored vest...
Adds the just right amount of layer without the bulk...

Top, Heels - J Crew
Leggings - Zara
Vest - Kohl's
Necklaces - Cookie Lee

Work was meeting after meeting and the second I get off and go direct to pick up the kids the real chaos starts. Actually yesterday my mom picked them up as they get out half day and I met them at home but then my son had to change asap into protective clothes to join a paintball birthday party and my daughter needed to shower and put on ice skating clothes. Dropped off my son with my friend to take to her son's b-day party and then another friend took him to the batting cages at where my husband met them to bring him home. All this coordination takes hours of  work of texts and e-mails and phone calls going back and forth!
I then took my daughter for her back to back ice skating during which shopped for birthday cards and gift wrap and managed to actually sneak in a very quick bikini shopping! 
I saw this bikini that had potential at the window of sea folly and debated the hassle of undressing and trying on instead of eating my dinner but figured I would regret went ahead and tried it on. It looked great! How luck was that. So I didn't eat until 8 PM but it was worth it.


  1. nice look

    Mrs. Aa

  2. What a stylish outfit. You have such good instincts for fashion.


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