Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ready to Shine

 What I wore last Friday... I worked from home so didn't have to wear a work outfit and it was a joy dressing mid morning instead of crack of dawn!

No inspiration, just putting together this new top and shorts I bought recently....
Love the color of these shorts. Got so many compliments. ALthough not crazy about the linen material as it wrinkles like crazy after one sitting...

Jacket - Vintage
Top, Shorts, Earrings - J Crew Factory
Hat - Farmer's Market
Sandals - TJ Maxx
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Logged in at 5:30 AM to get as much work as possible as I had to quit at 9 AM and rush to kids' school to attend these wonderful events...

The morning was at school walking my daughter's class from one activity to the other during what they call "Field Day"....

Then gor my son and his friend from their class, fed them lunch and came to this amazing 1 mile race that takes place in the honor of the girl (Chelsea King) that was kidnapped and murdered during her run...

The kids had to run a 7 minute mile to qualify...

This year my son finished the mile run in 6 minutes 4 seconds and came in 4th.
The first finishes had a time of 5:40 and his friend who came in second by just 1 second had 5:41!

Believe it or not this was not the end of our day. The kids then both did a 1 hour swim team practice and then we met daddy for dinner out! :)

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